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Incorrect Autocorrect

This just happened  to me.

I had just finished  writing  the “Top ten List”  post.

I was typing in key words for the tags and categories.

I typed….”top ten lists”

My cell phone autocorrect changed top ten lists to…. “top ten lusts”

I guess the phone is now wanting to give me ideas for a new blog post!

15 thoughts on “Incorrect Autocorrect”

      1. haha! I have to be careful when I use the text feature on my not so smart phone, or I’ll have sentences take on a new meaning. 🙂


  1. That’s awesome, but is also why I don’t blog via my phone. As for the next top 10 list, your audience awaits with “breathless
    antici… … …

    -PATION!”~ DM (wish I could claim the line, but it’s from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, back in the days of someone’s misspent youth.)

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    1. I loved going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show! We used to bring rice and newspapers.

      People used to squirt with squirt guns to make rain and we would put the newspapers over our heads.

      There was inches of rice , toast ( let’s make a toast…) and toilet paper ( Great Scot!) oon the floors when we were leaving!
      Did the theatres where you were allow those things?

      They did at Ocean City MD. There was only one theatre in Balto City that would allow the movie.

      They would let you bring supplies but they had limits and would check the people in line to see how much we had.

      Fun memories !

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    1. LOL
      It is so funny that I had twice as many likes on this post as the original top ten list. I was just throwing this post up to be funny and everyone has been having fun with it all day. Who could have guessed !
      Too much fun !

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