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My Bunny Looks Like the Picture on His Bunny Food !

My Bunny Looks Like the Bunny on HIs Bunny food Package



5 thoughts on “My Bunny Looks Like the Picture on His Bunny Food !”

    1. Thank you. Sometimes he is my best friend. There have been times when I was sad and he sat next to me, rather than playing. He just laid down on the floor next to where I was sitting and crying.
      He is a good companion.

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  1. thank you for your help I feel better now but sorry if ….If I still love to emulate illusions it’s the only thing that keep me sane at the moment or I will be lost again in depression and loneliness. I know what I’m doing I feel better now the energy that has sapped away from my body returned slowly. Even I don’t have a good night sleep I can wake up feeling refresh in the morning unlike before. I can’t get up my world is swirling and my body is aching and I don’t have strength and energy to start the day.All I want to do is sleep and lie down, but I couldn’t get enough sleep. I feel very tired and losing the will to live..I feel hopeless and alone being deprived. I can’t explain some phenomena in my life…It seemed I was in bondage by an evil spirit the reason I feel so weak all day and there was this putrid smell around me. Now, I can’t smell it anymore all I can smell sometimes now is a sweet scent of vulgari.


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