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Does Your Tongue Really Turn Green / Ten Things Annie Hates About the Hospital

Top Ten Things That Annie Hates About Being Sick at the Hospital

1.  Sleeping  in a VERY uncomfortable hospital bed.

2. Some other sick person slept in the bed right before I did

3. Some other sick person slept in the bed right before they did.

4. I have to use the toilet that some other sick person used just before I got there

5. Some other sick person used it before them

6. Trying to wipe your butt with IV lines attached to your wrist

7. Trying to wheel the IV gettup with you into the bathroom

8. The doctor asking you why you are in the hospital …Don’t they have a chart or something?

9. Being woken up to ask if you need a sleeping pill

10. Trying to get any help whatsoever at the shift change

11. Telling you yo unplug and wheel the IV contraption with you  when you have to the toilet. The turning out all of your lights, so it is pitch dark when you wake up and really have to go.

12. Trying to change your hospital gown with the IV connected to your arm.

13. Being asked “Why are you requesting pain medication”

14. Having to rate everything you feel on a scale of 1 to 10.

15. Being asked if you enjoyed your lunch when you are on a clear liquid diet.

16. Some nurse taking away the medications from your purse and locking them away

17. When the really attractive male nurse comes into your room, smiles at you, and says….. We are going to need a stool specimen in this cup.

18. The fact that you are too sick to blog about it until you get home.

19. Finding creative places to hide your E-Cig

20. When the really cute male nurse comes back and reminds you about the stool specimen

21. Going to brush your teeth and realizing that the GREEN tongue that the sick people have in the cartoons was based on reality !

13 thoughts on “Does Your Tongue Really Turn Green / Ten Things Annie Hates About the Hospital”

    1. Yes I seem to be rebellious about sticking to ten. I think it is my way of getting passive aggressive energies out…LOL
      It was good I went to the ERz when I did. I almost died in the ER when my blood pressure went down to 69/43

      Then it was at 77/45 for a long time …then slowly creeped back up. It was below 85/43 for over an hour. The nurses were surprised I was still conscious.

      They kept checking the blood pressure cuff to see if something was wrong with it.

      Thank you for your positive energy and compassion.

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  1. Your Top “Ten” cracks me up. Love the stool sample incident. At least he didn’t have to explain to you what that was. (I did that while working in HR and recruiting hospital staff….I often got that blank look !) Hope you are feeling better. ☺ Van

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    1. Yeah, it was kind of disheartening. He was actually very nice to me though.
      Later in the night he came in to give me the IV antibiotics and I ended up showing him one of my youtube videos, where I am performing on my guitar. He stayed to watch it. 🙂

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  2. I had to do #6 yesterday (had a procedure) – yes, EWWWWW!! there was no help for it though as I cannot reach w/ the other hand, haha. #9 is very helpful, what’s your problem with that one? LOL! ROFL re #17!

    Glad you are back home! HUGS unless you are a sick person, heh heh

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