Top Ten 10 List / Things That Make me Sm

Things that I make me smile

1,  The sound of my bunny pushing things around in his cage. I like to know he is next to me keeping me company

2. Rainbows

3. My 12 year old daughter giving me the rundown of her latest creative story. She is an inspired writer and very imaginative

4. My 18 year old, all dressed up to go to a dance or on a special date

5. The sound of kids laughing 

6. Getting to bring the flower delivery to an old lady at work, (at the assisted living)  and seeing her eyes light up when she sees the flowers

7. The chicken dance

8. Gangnam style

9. Playing with the balloon with the Alzheimer’s residents. They love that.  I think balloons have magical powers

10. Getting to number 10 on a top ten post, because… I just have to defiant and write another

11. Giving someone their first blog award

12. Giving someone their first WordPress “Like”

13. Ending on 13….just because  it is wrong

Motivating Giraffes

I wanted to share this blog with you. It is by the author of


by Penny Redshaw

I just found this blog recently. I love these little cartoons and many of them hit home with me. This is also an inspiration for those of us, who want to be writers, or who have an idea for a small business. If you have a unique idea, that has the people you want to serve in mind, then you can do it !



October 6, 2014 – If you want what you’ve never had…

Annie’s Therapy Bunny

20150324_022241This is my bunny. I call him Bunny because my daughter named him Lucky but that name never really stuck. It did not suit him, once we got to know him.

My daughter rescued him from getting hit by cars in the street last summer. My younger daughter, who was 11 at the time, was very surprised when her sister and I went to Quick Check for coffee and came home with the bunny.

She was scared of him for a few weeks, but eventually she became more interested in getting to know him. Now she loves him and loves to feed him and p lay with him

My older daughter was 17 at the time we got him. She is the one who gave me the puppy dog eyes of “Mom….please…”

But now we all love the bunny who we call Bunny.

Taking Care of Bunny


Time to clean the bunny cage. I let the bunny out of his cage, with the intention to clean it. He was having a fun time hopping all around the room. I got caught up in reading blogs and just let him play on the floor next to me. A few minutes ago, I went to get the supplies for cleaning and refilling the cage.


When I came back into my room, I was checking around to see where Bunny had gone. He was not in the middle of the floor. He was not in his hiding place behind the white shelf. He was in the bunny cage.

I guess he got hungry from all the hopping and playing.He is in the cage eating his romaine lettuce. So, funny. I had all that time to clean the cage without him in it, but I took so long that he went back in. LOL So, now I will have to wait for him to eat a bit.


Then I will start cleaning around him. This  will likely make him hop back out again. Then maybe I can get some new pics for you all to see. My bunny, of course, is the cutest one!

No, I  love all the bunnies! Oh! Here he comes now! He has finished eating and has come out to climb on my lap. Time to clean the cage before he changes his bunny mind. Annie



Annie’s Bunny

annie's bunny

It’s Your Blog !

your blog

It is Your Blog !

Do you write your blog the way you want to? Do you express your individuality and your personal uniqueness?

Good for you 🙂

It is your blog  and you should write the way you want to write. You do not have to write the way someone else does. You do not even have to write the same way each time.

Blogging is a special kind of expression. It is a way that you can identify and express your thoughts and your feelings. You can explore your values and peer into your own mind.

As you are sharing your thoughts with others, you are also sharing them with yourself.

We spend so much time under the watchful, opinionated eyes of others, that we can lose touch with our unique voice.

We become so conditioned to have to represent others, that it is easy to lose touch with our individual selves. We are more than part of a group, part of our family and part of our society and culture.

We are each unique individuals with a unique set of experiences. Our perceptions and feelings about those experiences, is uniquely our own.

We are told  what we should think and what we should feel, by the media. We are told how to think and feel by our church and our families.

We are told what kind of face to put on at work and at school. We are expected to share the opinions of the people in our church, our neighborhood and our social group.

Too much of our time is spent attempting to live up to the expectations of others. Too many hours are taken up with adapting ourselves to fit into a mold that was created for us by someone else.

We need to be able to spend some of our time,  being ourselves. We need to spend some of our day expressing our unique voice. As we explore our own values, strengths and weaknesses, through blogging, we can form a stronger, true identity.

We need a place that does not dictate our roles. We put on our hats  daughter, son, employee, boss, student. We have stereotypes placed upon us,  based on our race and sexual orientation…even our economic class and our education.

There are assumptions and expectations about what we should think and how we should express ourselves. Even what we should and should not value.

Much of our lives revolves around having to do things a certain way, because someone else wants us to conform to their vision or because others want to control us.

We are living much of our lives to fulfill someone else’s agenda.

Our family has defined a role for us.  We are expected to stay within the framework of that predefined role, even if the role does not really suit us or we are not comfortable in those shoes.

There are predesignated roles we are supposed to fill, in order to fit into the status quo. Society wants us to do things a certain way and to stay within certain expectations of our gender, our religion, our job, our socio-economic status.

None of these roles reflect who we truly are as individuals.

We have to conform to the expectations and the desires of others, to a point.  Some people are more comfortable going outside of expectations than others.

However much we conform in ways that do not express our true selves, we lose something of our spirit. We have to make a living and we have to function within society.

We are forced to make sacrifices of our identity on a regular basis. It is easy to begin to lose touch with who you are inside, when you have no safe place to think, create and express.

The ones who step outside the boundaries of the status quo, have to live with criticism and stigma. The brave ones that express their  differences are often penalized by the system in various ways.

We have to have some time to be our unique selves and to express our individuality, without fear of repercussions. That is what blogging should be for.

The simple act of writing out and expressing your true self, in your blog, is very therapeutic. The fact that you will have readers that understand and agree with you, is invaluable.

Due to the sheer number and variety of bloggers,  there is someone who will connect with your posts and enjoy reading your blog.  Receiving validation from other people, can be healing and can boost your self esteem.

People need a place where they can speak freely and voice their thoughts and feelings.

Blogging is our time to be individuals. 🙂

Blogging is the unique opportunity to speak our minds and voice our opinions. It is the place where everyone is okay. Each individual voice in the blogging world has a place.

Your voice has a place. Your voice is important. Your unique perspective and your experiences has a place in the blogging world.

Your voice matters. Use it 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Writing for Fun

It is interesting  that sometimes the posts I write off the top of my head,  get more response than the ones that took more time and that I edited.

Once in a while I just flow out of my head an unedited  post and I am surprised  how many people  like it.

With blogging,  sometimes  people  appreciate  an honest , heartfelt  vent or rant, over a carefully crafted article. Or at least like it just as much.

So, if you usually  research  and edit your posts, try a flowy post sometime.  Just write off of the top of your head.

See what happens. It is fun to experiment.

By the way, I am writing  this  on my cell phone, from my car, in the parking  lot getting  ready to leave  work. I am not going  to edit.



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