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The Shiny Grandma Song

The Shiny Grandma Song…

to be sung to the tune of “There’s a Hole in the Bucket

dedicated to Corinne Pacholski (my shiny grandma )

I have a shiny grandma

dear grandma , dear grandma

Yes I have a shiny grandma

Oh yes I really do…

I have a shiny grandma

Dear Grandma, dear grandma

I have a shiny grandma

She came from Poland…

They told me she was polish

Yes they did, yes they did

They told me she was polish

Yes polish, she was…

I think that is why she’s shiny

Oh grandma, dear grandma

So that is why you’re shiny

Dear Polish grandma

8 thoughts on “The Shiny Grandma Song”

    1. I was is a silly mood that hour….I would say that day..but my moods fluctuate every few hours.
      I am glad you got a smile out of this one. I will have to make a video of it. Somewhere my Grandma will be laughing. She loved silliness like that. It is nice to honor her.
      Ok, I am going to try to go back to sleep now. I slept four hours and woke up with anxiety running through my poor brain. I have to try to get a few more hours sleep before work.

      Wish me luck. My mood feels cockeyed….meaning I do not know what…but off balance. …Mostly anxiety. .but fighting off the call or pull of depression I can feel tugging on my throat.
      Sometimes I write comments that should rather be posts….
      but you already know that about me…
      Much love ❤

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      1. That’s okay. I knew you would 🙂

        I crossed from the comments with you…into going back and writing this song…because you thought the polish grandma comment was funny…and then posted this as an extension of our interaction in the comments on Blahpolar’s post.

        I knew she would find it through the comments also.

        I was just being silly with you guys that night. I do not have any girlfriends in real life to have fun with like that. So these little interactions here…I appreciate them.

        It is lonely living in this prison like house….
        sigh…but I will tell you my “Flowers in the Attic” real life situation another day.
        It is kind of like that book.

        Glad I could make you smile.

        Much love,

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      2. You know what Annie? I used to love those books. My mother would first have had to have bought those books and liked those books in order for me to have access to those books and may I just say a great big EWW went up my spine when you said that. And I guess I just want to say I am sorry if that’s what it’s like. But if I am reading this all wrong then I take it back. HUGS!


    1. Oh, the Flowers in the Attic books. Yes I feel kind of like a similar situation here. My ex inlaws own the house and let me rent for a lot more money than this attic is worth. There is no stove, no real kitchen area. I have a small counter which I can plug in electrical cookers.

      There are only 3 rooms altogether and a bathroom. So the fridge is in one of the bedrooms, because there is no kitchen. There is no living room. No sofa, no chairs to sit in, and no real beds. I have a 20 dollar walmart air bed. One of my kids had cushions on a ledge she sleeps on. The other has an old mattress on the floor that I had to beg them to not throw out rather than giving it to her.

      They scold the kids when they do not “stay in their area” and do not like them going down into the rest of the house. Except for when the grandmother does school with my oldest, but that is another horrible story.
      So are always stuck up in this little attic.

      They have lots of money downstairs and food but they do not feed my kids, even when I have no money for food. I once went like 2 weeks waiting for food stamps and I was begging for food at the soup kitchen and food banks, while the grandparents were eating like kings downstairs. They got furious when they thought I had taken a grapefruit out of their fridge once.

      The shower does not work so I have to use the one downstairs in the middle of the night when they are asleep. so I am not in their way.

      Paint is peeling off the walls. Light fixtures are broken, I had to beg them to fix the broken railing because it was coming out of the wall and I was afraid someone would fall. They left it for a year before they would fix it. My response was that they had a lot of things they had to do in the rest of the house first….which were upgrading already perfect things

      The downstairs of the house looks very rich and has everything. You would not believe the difference between the attic where I live and the rest of the house. It looks like a completely different neighborhood.

      I could go on…but it gets worse…I have to get out of here….


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