Woman Dies in Train Accident Shortly before I was Crossing the Bridge Overhead This Evening

My daughter and I decided to go to the church thrift store this evening. It was supposed to be open from 7pm to 9 pm. We drug our feet a bit and ended up leaving a little after 7pm.

On our way to the church, we have to pass over a bridge that overlooks part of the Dover train tracks.  The train in Dover is commonly used for people coming and going to New York City. It also goes to various other train stops in other New Jersey towns.

As we neared the bridge I could see bright red lights. There were a few police cars and emergency vehicles that could be seen as we drove up the hill. As we neared the top, we could see many more that a few emergency vehicles. At a quicl count I was able to identify 3 fire trucks, 2 ambulances and no less than 8 police cars.

There were people who had stopped their cars and had gotten out to look over the bridge to satisfy any morbid curiosity they had. I continued to drive the car over the road and the section that was the bridge.  My daughter recognized that there must have been a bad accident. She thought that the train may have derailed.

I told her that it was possible that the train derailed and we said a prayer for any people who may have been involved. We went on to the thrift store only to find out that the hours had not been updated on the sign. So, we have to go back on Tuesday.

I told my daughter that we could look up the accident when we got home. It would most certainly be on the news. Well I did not see anything at 7:30 when we got back home. I told her that the accident must have just occurred before we had left the house. It was too soon for them to post anything, especially of they were still investigating.

She popped her head into my room a few minutes ago, to ask me if I knew anything yet. I looked it up and this was the article that I found.

Apparently the woman was walking along the train tracks, below the bridge. Everyone who lives on Dover knows that the tracks are live and that the train runs frequently. I am not sure what she was doing walking along the tracks.

The train struck and killed her. My daughter thinks that maybe the woman was trying to commit suicide. I suppose it is possible. Or she could have been one of the many homeless people we have living in Dover and she may have been drinking and not realized the danger.

It is sad and it was kind of creepy that we were getting ready to leave the house while this was happening. My daughter is now waiting for me in her bedroom to let her know what I found out.

I will read the news story with her and find out if she wants to talk about her feelings about it. It is always hard to tell how these things will affect a 12 year old. Hopefully she will not have any trouble sleeping over this.

It is almost time for me to go to sleep for the night. I might put one more good night post before I retire for the evening.


9 thoughts on “Woman Dies in Train Accident Shortly before I was Crossing the Bridge Overhead This Evening”

    1. Yes I talked to her and she undunderstands that things like this happen. She thinks that the woman was suicidal. She might be right.
      After I talked to her, she went back to watching her videos.
      I think maybe the kids are more aware of issues like suicide than when I was 12. I don’t know if that is good or bad…but it is so.
      Good night…going to pass out now…cannot keep the eyes open….


  1. Here on the SF Peninsula people are dying on the train tracks… Suicide by train in common…. That or headphones on and they can’t hear the train.. Messy either way..

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  2. A woman here not long ago was high on drugs walking the train tracks with headphones on. And a train came along somhow by some miracle was not killed. Badly injured but survived. I think there is almost a romantic notion about trains people have…

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