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Starting to Feel Better Now

Thank you for your care and support. I am feeling better tonight. As many of you know, I was in the ER the night before last. I was having pain that I thought was a urinary tract infection. The doctor ran cultures and blood work. He said that it was the beginning of a relapse of the intestinal infection that I had been hospitalized for a couple of weeks ago.

I have been taking the antibiotics as instructed and hopefully this will work. The hospital probably released me too soon. They want the bed for the next person and the ones with no health insurance get sent out as soon as possible. It is all about the money, as you know.

The day before I was released, there were still quite a bit of white blood cells, when they did the blood work. The next morning the white blood cells had gone down and they released me. It had not been enough time to make a good assessment as to whether the infection had really cleared up.

Also, they had been running 2 kinds of antibiotics through the IV lines for the 3 days I was in the hospital. It was this combination of antibiotics that was working to clear the infection.

When they sent me home, they only gave me a prescription for one of the two antibiotics. I do not know why. I was wondering at the time, but that is what the dr gave me.

The doctor in the ER the other night said that I needed both of the antibiotics to clear this. he did not come right out and say they the hospital doctor made a mistake in sending me home with only one antibiotic. He did not come out and say that they sent me home too soon, upon the white blood cells going down. But I think it was apparent that he disagreed with the decisions that the hospital doctor made.

The ER doctor was very nice. He was much nicer and more communicative than the hospital doctor. He answered all of my questions fully and even let me see on his computer screen the results of all tests. he explained everything to me in a way I could understand it. This is something the hospital doctor was far from doing.

So, he sent me with Levoflaxin. He made the dosage twice the mg that the other doctor had given me. I was sent home from the hospital with 250 mg but this new doctor gave me 500 mg. Could this have been another mistake by the hospital dr? I think that he probably gave me too low of a dosage when I left the hospital.

So, I have the 500 mg of the levoflaxin and he also gave me flagil which is 3 times a day. He said he thought this cocktail should work. He also gave me anti nausea meds because of all the antibiotics, so that I would not feel to sick and stop eating.

Thank you for all of your kind words and thoughts. I cannot afford to go into the hospital again. I already missed a few days. The next paycheck is going to be low. I do not even know how I will make it through the next few weeks.

I appreciate all of your prayers and thoughts,


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