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Insomnia Good night post

4:39 am. I am fading now. Pain in my hips and knees tells me a storm is coming in. Feeling peaceful at the moment. Possibly due to the Percocet that I took. The ER gave me a prescription the other night. Yet the arthritis pain still torments, even through the Percocet …but maybe I will sleep and the pain will wait.

Usually when the arthritis pain is bad, it wakes me a few times during the night to fight to reposition my body with all of these pillows and stuffed animals


…to try to find a better position…and sometimes…nothing works.

So we will see what we will see…I have to be me…now I digress..from digressing…

Yeah maybe the meds are working….dreams are beginning to come…yet I fear the nightmares that could intrude at their whim….or not….you never can tell…I don’t know why

Once your brain has been injured…by someone..the nightmares can come in..when they choose…until you can completely heal and be done with that person in your head…but still….

are they ever out of your brain?

Tired I am and tired is overtaking me….

Sleep now…while the rest of you are waking for the day….

Such a bad schedule…must fix one day…

Tomorrow is for errands and chores …but I would rather rest…

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