Annie's Poetry

His sins would darken the doorstep

Of the angels in the heavens

His evil thoughts would disturb

the most enlightened beings

In the most ethereal places

But his mask charms the empathic 

Who believe they can sense his soul

They are fooled by his veil of humanity

As thin as a butterfly’s wings

They are seduced by his promised

Of love and companionship

All the while he is plotting their demise

Because he cannot tolerate their goodness

Or the love and care in their eyes

He shows them glimpses of his madness

He dares them to step on inside

He pleads with them for salvation

For the sins he claims to regret

They enter his realm – out of compassion

He envelopes them and closes them in

He tells them they can leave anytime

While he tightens the noose on their neck

Slight of hand, distracts and confuses

All the…

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