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The Mother’s Day Video I Made for Victims of Narcissistic Abuse

I made this video late the night of mother’s day. I really did not get it posted until after midnight on mother’s day. It was the best I could do considering the day I had.

This video is a validation for the victims of abuse who may have mixed emotions on mother’s day. Some still have to deal with the abuser on holidays, because they have kids together. Some people were abused by a narcissistic mother, as I was.

There are a lot of mothers who were abused by a narcissist and this has an effect on their feelings on mother’s day. Many women are now in severe financial situations due to the relationship with the narcissist. They cannot provide for their children the way they would like to. I feel like that myself.

The lack of financial resources, proper housing and proper necessities, cause a lot of guilt in mothers, even if the cause was that they were abused.

There are a lot of people that will not hear from their mother on mother’s day because their mother was abusive. EIther the mother has cut of contact or the daughter has cut off contact. In my case, my other stopped taking calls from me years ago. It is a long story but I am better off with No Contact with her.

So, seeing all the other people celebrating mother’s day, when it is not a happy day for you, can cause feelings of sadness and alienation.

I was both in the position of having to remember my mother on mother’s day and all the trauma I went through from her abuse…and I also am in this financial devastation from past abusers having stunted my abilities and undermined me. So, by the time I thought of making this video, it was the  night of mother’s day.

I have had a couple of comments and a reblog of this video on YouTube and I was happy about that. People who have been through abuse need to feel validated by other people who have gone through it.  It makes them feel less crazy themselves.

4 thoughts on “The Mother’s Day Video I Made for Victims of Narcissistic Abuse”

    1. I think that when we go back over things that have happened, it is good for us to realize the level of deception that was put upon us, but at the same time it is a very painful realization.
      I wish you safety and healing,

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      1. Thank you so much….I really want to heal and thank you for this challenge knowing it’s hard but the only way to make me heal and be able to believe in myself again.

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