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Amazing Spoken Word Poetry by a Young YouTube Poet Allen Minor

I came across an excellent young poet, who has videos on YouTube about feelings and thoughts from the inside of mental illness.  These poems are by Allen Minor. He has a YouTube Channel with his spoken word poetry.

Allen is reaching out to other people through his wonderful poetry. He desires to validate and comfort the ones suffering from depression and anxiety that may be reached by his words.

Young people like teenagers are more easily reached by someone their own age. I think that young creative people that reach out to their peers, are very important and will be helpful to our young people who are suffering depression and other mental disorders.

This one is about social anxiety and anxiety disorder in general. I could totally relate to the feelings in this and his reading of the poetry is great. His words about the poem are “A poem entitled Unreliable about social anxiety and social responsibility”

He talks about the difficulties keeping up with social obligations with friends due to his anxiety disorder. Many of us can relate to words and feelings in this one.

This next poem is from the inside of the mind of depression. It has a story telling style, which is very interesting. Check it out.

Allen’s words about this poem “A more somber poem called Speak Fast about mental health (possible TRIGGER WARNING)”

This one is an anti-bullying poem. The reading and the poetry is excellent. He wrote this one for Pink Shirt day, which was the anti-bullying day.

This next one is about writing and what it feels like to be a writer with mental illness and an past that has caused mental suffering.

This final poem is one of my favorites. It has a beautiful spark of hope. It speaks of the magical perspective of childhood and how we tend to lose that viewpoint as adults, as we et caught up in the worries and stresses of adult life. He lets us know that we can still have magic and wonderment in our lives, even thought we have grown up.

5 thoughts on “Amazing Spoken Word Poetry by a Young YouTube Poet Allen Minor”

    1. He actually reached out to me via WordPress yesterday. He found my poetry through a Google search.

      He liked my poetry and let me know that he wrote. He asked me to take a listen to his to see what i thought.

      I did so and commented on youtube on a few poems.
      We ended up talking a bit back and forth. I heard him say that he wanted to comfort others with his poetry.

      I wrote the post and linked it to him. He was so excited.

      It gave him something to share with his friends and a self esteem boost. I wanted him to know that what he is doing really matters.

      I felt like he needed some encouragement from someone older. I was glad I was able to do this for him.

      So it is a nice story and always good to do a random act of kindness.

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