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Sent Home From Work

I got to work and they sent me home. Apparently my CNA license expired yesterday.

I had received a letter from regarding my background check being done and cleared. Then there was another letter saying that the Renewal Letter would be sent to me. But I never received any renewal letter.

So when I called the place that does the licencing for the state. They said the Renewal Letter had been sent to my old address.

Apparently the dept that sends the initial letters to inform you that the Renewal Letter will be coming,  is a different dept that the one that actually sends out the Renewal Letter.

I had updated my address with the State Dept of Health but I guess I was also supposed to update it with the PSI agency that prints the licenses and takes your photo for the license.

I had assumed that updating my address with the State Licensing was going to update it all together.  How frustrating is bebureaucracy?

So, the guy on the phone said it was mailed to the old address.  He updated my address in his system.

He is going to email me the Renewal Letter,  hopefully in the next couple of hours, he said.  Then I have to take it to my Director of Nursing so she can sign it.

Then I have to see what days and times are available at the PSI  licensing office, which is a thirty five minute drive from here.

Then I go and get my picture retaken and hand them a money order for thirty dollars.

I do not know if I can get all this done by the weekend,  but hopefully I can.

I cannot work without the up to date CNA license.

Work is annoyed with me for letting it lapse. I tried to call just now to explain to the charge nurse what happened and why I did not receive the Renewal Letter.

I heard the Secretary tell her I was calling her about what the update was. I heard the nurse tell her she was too busy to talk to me .

I do not know if she is really too busy to take a two minute phone call. I doubt it. She is not a med nurse. She just sits in the office.

So, that is why bureaucracy is frustrating.  You try to follow the hoops,  but some of them are where you can’t see them.

8 thoughts on “Sent Home From Work”

    1. Ack! If it’s any comfort, my better half (a physical therapist) ran into a similar license-lapse issue this year (we didn’t move; his renewal notification just got misplaced somehow) — apparently, in the allied health professions, it’s not uncommon, since they all seem to have different renewal requirements and deadlines and so forth. I hope everything goes smoothly and that your employers calm down about it!

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      1. Hopefully I can take the renewal letter into work, in the morning and have it signed by the Director of Nursing. Then I can take it to the licencing place.
        Some of the nurses I work with just like to criticize and try to lower your self esteem.
        They think they are better than me, because I am an aide. They have no idea what my educational background is. I have more college than most of them do.
        They just assume you are “lower class” and they are middle class, so they can talk down to you and be condescending.
        I am working on my own business, actually a couple of types of services, so I will not have to be there forever.
        Thank you for commenting,

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  1. Bureaucracy is extremely frustrating, when all is fine it is OK, but when not it is a major disaster. No one in bureacratic areas seems to be responsible for their actions and even their inactions. They should all be responsible and be accountable. Is it possible to sue for loss of earnings?

    As to some of your work colleagues they should be more understanding and realise that you are all part of the same team no matter where your standing in the team is.

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    1. I am getting ready to go speak with the boss. She sounded angry on the phone, or at least extremely annoyed. She is not the really mean one. The one over her is the one that rages at you behind closed doors and then acts like a sweet lady out in the main areas.

      I do not know of this problem can be fixed, but I am starting to think it might work out for the best.
      I want to have my own businesses anyway. I teach guitar lessons and I want to do Life Coaching for domestic abuse, narcissistic abuse survivors and C-PTSD sufferers.

      The nurses aide job was becoming nearly impossible for my body to withstand all the lifting . I have advanced arthritis in my knees, and PTTD in my foot , which means the ankle is collapsing inward and it is painful to be on my feet for 8 hours like that.

      I think it is time to change. I really love the old people I care for. I love working with dementia patients. I could do home visits and bring my guitar. I am going to work on some flyers today for that.

      I just need a way to find a cushion for a few months, while I build clients. I may have to open a go fund me account. Maybe I can get enough to feed my kids for a couple of months, while I build the businesses.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and thank you for listening. I am trying to remain positive and not panic. The paperwork for the CNA renewal says that if your initial license was issued more than five years ago, then you have to take the course again and take the test again.

      I have no problem taking the test again. It would be very easy for me. However, I cannot spend 3 months and 1,500 dollars to take the CNA course again, especially since my body is timing out on that type of work. It would not make logical sense, since I have other skills and i was really unemployed anyway.

      Annie ❤


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