“Walking on the shifting sands of reality”

Excellent post about how damaging mental abuse is. The hidden, haunts us. There is no validation of our confused, tormented reality.
No healing, while things are hidden, and buried.
Very painful to bring the demons into the light but left hidden they will eat you from the inside out.

I Dont Want To Talk About It


They swallow their anger only to produce…..cases of depression or panic attacks.[1] This is how conditioned I am. I sat here for 45 minutes trying to calm myself down to write this. There’s no  way I cannot be angry right now. This subject, swallowing anger( and grief,) is to me, the root cause of the dis-ease I suffer with and this is part of the illness that mankind at large  has chosen to sanctify.

card00372_frUnexpressed grief… is usually represented by the symptoms of depression, lethargy or forms of dissociation. [3] It is so easy for me to articulate my reasons to need to grieve my history. My Dad beat the hell out of me, bless his soul. I was molested by a family member. So I have plenty of images of people abusing me to express my grief about and be able to anchor it in my mind so I…

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