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Updates to My Pages – New free Life Coaching page

I have updated my My Journey Page and I also added a new page, which you can see above called Free Coaching.

Check them out and see what you think. They are still under construction, so to speak. I have something I want to add to the My Journey page.

I have to run out for an appointment and then I will ass that when I return.

Lots to do today. I am working on different things on my To Do List for my businesses. As some of you know I am working on getting guitar students.

I am also developing a Life Coaching service, which is explained in the page, that you can click on at the top of this site. Let me know if you are able to click through.

There is a third thing that I would like to do with my time which has to do with working with dementia sufferers. I will update you about that one soon.

I think that the other 2 will be the first to build, but you never know what will happen. Things sometimes surprise you in life.

Wishing you all well. I will be out for a short while.



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