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Who is the Victim and Who is the Abuser?

There are many wonderful, compassionate people in the world. Perhaps you are one of them.

There are people that have qualities like empathy, kindness and patience.

There are people that can be trusted, and would never stab you in the back, or throw others under the bus in order to gain something for themselves.

Sometimes it is hard to tell which are the real people and which are the copies.

There is a small percentage of the population that are people who act like good, caring people but underneath their mask they are the opposite.

These are people that put on a false self, when certain people are watching. They act caring and thoughful of others, when they are in public situations or in front of people that they feel they can get something out of.

While they are being charming, vulnerable or seemingly kind in front of you, inside of their mind they are contemptuous of you. They are only pretending to be the kind of person that you want them to be.

These manipulators are very skilled at acting and at mirroring other people’s emotions. They do not have any empathy or compassion. They just know how to say the right words in order to make you think they are a different person than they really are.

When your back is turned, they will talk about you, criticize you, undermine you and throw you under the bus.

At home with their loved ones, they are cruel and abusive.

Due to their ability to act like other people, everyone tends to believe this false self that they put on. No one believes the wife, girlfriend or children when they try to reveal how this person really is.

These toxic types of people often head their loved ones off at the pass, by telling other people that their loved one is mentally ill, or abusive to them.

The first one to claim abuse is often the one people believe. So, the abuser claims it first. That way when the victim tries to get help, it is already too late. Her credibility has already been damaged by her abusive partner.

This is one of the reasons that it is so difficult for abuse victims to leave the abuser. No one believes them and no one will help them.

It is common for an abuse person to claim that their partner is the real abusive partner in the relationship.

Be careful when you hear both members of a couple claiming abuse. It is very hard to tell, from the outside.

Even the courts, therapists and the police can be duped by an abusive person.

All is not as meets the eye. The initial facts do t

not always speak for themselves.

3 thoughts on “Who is the Victim and Who is the Abuser?”

  1. There all sorts of people within the world and can you ever really know anyone of them, for how do you know if their outer self is real or false. What you can do is always be observant and do a continual assessment for invariably those who relay a false image will inevitably, occasionally, show their true self, if even for a moment.

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  2. Yes, this is why Flying Monkeys are so aggravating; how do they know what’s what? They weren’t even there. Tamara Yancosky Moore


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