Taking Care of Depression and Soul Damage


Things I do to Help Myself When I am in Depression

1. E-Cigs...I buy them a Quantum Vapor. You can also get the supplies online HERE. I actually like visiting the Quantum Vapor shop. It is a strange little shop with people sitting at the bar, hanging out and smoking e-cigs. They have a whole giant menu of flavors of e-liquid (liquid nicotine that you pour into your e-cig)

I find the e-cigs help with anxiety and calm me. You can sit in the shop at the bar or on one of the couches or bean bag chairs. There is a TV and people do not bother you. You can sit peacefully and feel semi social but not be bugged. If you want to chat then you sit at the bar. It looks like a regular bar or like a juice bar.

This is a way for me…

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