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Powerful Video About Psychopath / Narcissist Mind Games

The following video is from Showing Your Boundaries Youtube Channel. I recommend checking out her channel. It is new, but very good content.

Please be advised that this video has triggers if you are still emotionally raw or mentally traumatized from partner abuse.

There are no pictures but there is an emotional impact about how the abuser manipulates and threatens you. This video is done simply and is just a set of sentences that abusers say to their victims.

The way the sentences are put up in the screen generated a very emotional reaction in me. A few times I actually pulled back away from the screen, as if I were trying to avoid being hit . This was some kind of powerful flashback reaction. The last time I was ever struck by an abuser was over 5 years ago.

2 years ago, I was with someone who had terrible rages and screamed and threatened me. He did hit and break objects and the feeling of being about to be hit also makes you pull back and want to protect yourself.

If you feel ok about not being too triggered, check the video out. It is extremely well done and very powerful. I think this lady is great and her youtube channel is worth subscribing to. I just did that.

3 thoughts on “Powerful Video About Psychopath / Narcissist Mind Games”

  1. Sounds about right minus the financial threats or using the kids as a means to get more money (a friend of mine…in this case the wife is narcissistic)

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    1. I have seen some cases of men being brutally, psychologically abused by a narcissist female.
      It can be awful because the courts do not believe men can be victimized in this way by a “mere woman”
      The poor guy just looks like he is wining, if he tries to talk to friends.
      It is terrible. And the kids are victimized and used by the mother as tools….pawns in a chess match.
      The father does anything to save the kids from more mental damage and the evil sorceress uses his good nature and love for his kids against him.

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