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Black Sun

Dear sun, rise up yellow
You are supposed to
I am told

The sun that
rises up yellow
Sooths and warms
the soul

Sun rises up yellow
when reality seems

Oh Sun, don’t rise up black
Malicious, dark
and threatening

Sun, don’t rise up black
mental confusion
emotional disillusionment

Sun, don’t rise up black
Darkness permeates all
life is untrustworthy

Sun rises black
when there is a
feeling of hopelessness

Sun rises up black
when there is a generalization
of deceit, untruth, malice

Sun sometimes rises green
to tell you it is time
to begin to change your mind

Sun sometimes rises up green
to call to you
time to take a step again

Sun rises green to sing
a lullaby to your
reality of darkness

Black sun reality
is confirmed
by our perception

Black sun reality
is impregnated by

Yellow sun is wise
it shows the color
of caution

Yellow sun is clarity
self confident
explorative, seeking

Yellow sun rises
fortified with knowledge
wisdom from experience

What about the red?

Red sun is an alarm
Warns you to detach a bit
and evaluate

Red sun is the amygdala
fight or flight
Stressor state

Red sun can be headed
in calmness intelligence
and esteem

Red sun can be
reacted to with panic
abhorrence, or denial

Red sun is followed
by another color
Yellow sun or black

Green sun invites you
to try again
to head the red next time

Green sun is when
your brain perceives
it is ok to go

Don’t stay
in the dark reality
the black sun brings

You will miss the warmth
of the yellow sun
and deprive others as well

Each experience teaches
something you need
you didn’t have before

You can stay in your cave
for a little while
but leave the curtains open

The sun might change
Beckon to your soul
to come out and try again

4 thoughts on “Black Sun”

    1. Thank you. I knew I was going for a very small target audience with this one. The others would just pass over, shake their heads, think I was on too many pain meds. and go on to the next post.
      You have to have felt this, to get this one. The dark reality tunnel does not come into everyone’s lives….thank God for that.
      I am glad this validated you. I knew it was very dark and I almost did not post it. But I thought…there will be someone who will feel it and know they are not alone

      Liked by 1 person

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