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Well I have been given a new antibiotics. They tell me this one is designed for whatever unusual infection is in my kidney.

NITROFURANTOIN is the name of it. In all my 49 years of taking antibiotics from time to time, and also working in health care, I have never heard of this one.

I have been blogging from my cell phone because my lap top is not working. All the fun stuff like colors of text, larger headings, and even copy pasting..I cannot do.

And I cannot make my fun memes on image chef. So this is a bit of a bummer.

Tomorrow I will see about having the Geek Squad look at my laptop. I do not have a lot of hope because I …..I….oh I can’t even bear to say it…ok fess up…I knocked a drink over and it poured all over the laptop.


So, I might have to get a new one. I just got a check for my sick days accumulated from my job and it would cover it.

I wanted to hold that check in savings because if my food stamp card falls through for some reason, i will need food money.

But I have to have a computer or I cannot run the home based businesses I am working on. The laptop is the only thing between me and surviving.

So, we will see. I will let Geek Squad look at my laptop. Probably they will open it up and tell me someone spilled a drink in it.

Then I will have to gasp and say ” Oh my God! How could that have happened?”

I need the laptop to make some videos for my YouTube Channel. Truthfully I could not have made videos today, yesterday, or five more days back due to the sickness.

But I would like to think that by tomorrow, when these antibiotics kick in, I will wash my hair, put on a little make up, get out my guitar and go for it.

I am going to take a nap now.

Much love,
Annie ‚̧

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