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No more limericks Annie…Really

There was an old woman from Stark
Who only made love in the dark
Her husband got tired
And thought he’d retire
And substituted Old Farmer Mark

5 thoughts on “No more limericks Annie…Really”

  1. I don’t think I’m allowed to post limericks either. Version 2 is better than the first I think, I’m trying it again to see if it will post:

    There once was a bipolar man
    Whose emotions jumped, fell, and then ran,
    But between bouts of manic
    And depressive panic
    He felt normal as anyone can


    1. I am smiling very much at your limericks.

      I really love them.
      I would like to post one on my bipolar blog and credit it to you, with a reference to your blog.

      I won’t unless you say ok. I think the reders of my gentle mental bipolar blog would love your limericks.

      Thank you for sharing them with me. You made me smile.

      It is fun but challenging writing limericks because you have to stick to the number of syllables and the rhyme sceme.

      In some ways it is much harder than free poetry writing.
      Fun talking with you 🙂


  2. The second limerick is better than the first attempt. You can post it anywhere you want, it’s yours. If you need a name for them, I’m Deon Mumple. And any referrals would be appreciated. But warn the readers, sometimes I can be a bit harsh, very opinionated, and occasionally sweary.


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