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Allergic to E Challenge

Ok. This is going around on WordPress. It is just for silly fun. I got the info from Tessa Can Do It.

Write an entire paragraph without using the letter E at all. Sounds easy. I shall try now. Let’s see how long it takes me.

Sally was not going to Mary’s party. Sally was mad. Mary had bought the outfit that Sally would look good in. Sally’s mom did concoct an original outfit for Sally and Sally was happy. So, fussy Sally was calm and did go to Mary’s party at last.

Ok, that was trickier than I thought it would be. You guys try. It was kind of fun and a bit of a puzzle. I never realized how many words have the letter E in them.

Good luck ! I am not going to nominate five people. because I do not want to put anyone in the spot. If you want to write the parapgraph and send me the link in the comments here, feel free. It was fun to try it. I know my paragraph is not great. See what you can do with this challenge 🙂


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