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Adventures of Annie’s Bunny

Bunny is hopping around my room. He tends to run away when I try to take his picture, so I end up getting the tail end of the situation.



Then he runs into his favorite hiding place behind my shelves and guitar amplifier. Soon he peaks his little bunny ears out from the other end of the hiding place.



Once in a while I get lucky and he comes out to see what I am up to, and I can get a whole bunny shot.



bunny face

6 thoughts on “Adventures of Annie’s Bunny”

    1. I love bunnies ๐Ÿ™‚ I have funny stories about this one. One time he was feeling left out, while I was blogging. He hopped up onto my keyboard of the laptop and just sat there until I pet him . Another time he took my cell phone right out of my hand. They are very social and like to be part of the family.
      If he is in his cage and he hears the kids and I talking, he rings his bell because he wants attention too.

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