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Awards …I haven’t forgotten you ;)

Hi. Just to let anyone know who is wondering, I am behind on my award posts due to being sick with this kidney infection.

I have started posts for each award, and they are saved in Drafts.

I love giving awards to people and kind of have an OCD like process about selecting nominees and writing award posts.

I start the post, save it to drafts and then look through WordPress on different days to see if there are any new blogs that I have not seen yet that the award would be very meaningful and motivating for.

invisible illness

It is probably a crazy process but like I said it is an OCD thing and I am just like that

So, if you nominated me for an award in the last month or two, and you have not seen a post, please do not feel bad.

I have your post saved in drafts. I have actually added to it and updated it a few times already.

When I am physically unwell, my anxiety gets bad and along with the anxiety comes an increased OCD So, I love you and I did not forget you. ❤

missing a piece

Award posts are forthcoming. I did thr Sunshine one. Thank you for that award. The pretty sunny flower is very nice and I added it to my About page today.

I know I have a Versatile blogger post to complete and also one for the Once a Victim now a Survivor. I am searching for bloggers that I know were victims of domestic abuse, a severe life crisis like the death of a child, or severe physical trauma for that award.

Since the Once a Victim now a Survivor award is specific, it is taking me a little longer than the others. That is a very special award to me personally and I had never seen it before.

Thank you to everyone who thought of me to give me awards. I always enjoy the badges and I enjoy sending people the notifications that their blog has been awarded.

Love to all ❤
This relieves my feelings of guilt, which are probably unnecessary. But that Toxic Shame creeps up from the past and then I will feel guilt over silly things.

Like I mentioned, physical illness tends to increase my mental illness struggles on all counts.. OCD, anxiety, depression. feeling of hopelessness and failure. All that stupid crap that I try to rise above. but it bites me hard on the ass when I am not feeling well.
good night yellow

Love and hugs,
Annie ❤

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