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Where are You, Soul Mate ?

Soul mate

Where are you?

Are you in my home town?

Are you in New York?

Are you in California?

Are you old or are you young?

Are you looking for me?

or are you done?

Are you black or are you white?

Are you Into video games….

Or having sex all night 

Maybe you are far away

In England or in France

Maybe you are just next door

But tell me, what’s the chance?

I think that there are many of you

Some nearer and some far

That makes the chance much better

That I’ll find out where you are

Doesn’t that make more sense

Than to think there’s only one?

That makes a lot of pressure on my brain

and that pressure is no fun  

Maybe I’ll find all of you

and pencil you all in

Would I be such a angel?

Or would that be a sin?


Annie has so many voices in her head…Can each voice have one soul mate?  Would that be polygamy? Would that be angelic , sinful , or psychotic? The voices say they want all the men … haha . No, they don’t . I am just kidding. ….or am I? ……………..mmmmmm……….

13 thoughts on “Where are You, Soul Mate ?”

    1. LOL …
      You are so funny

      .I have a strange combination of being able to be very serious about things that call for it and also being able to be very silly…
      I liked this poem too. I had fun writing it.
      Annie ❤


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