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Self Isolating During Depression

self isoalting

3 thoughts on “Self Isolating During Depression”

  1. I’ve done that so much it is pathetic. I’m trying to change that, but the shame I feel sometimes makes me worry what others think of me.

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  2. When I am depressed and self-isolating I want to strangle the people trying to cheer me up, especially when they are perky. Hate perky most of the time. Although I can make believe I am perky when I have to.

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    1. LOL. I know. Dont you love when people come up to you and say “Smile!”

      I mean, what’s with that? They want you to smile to make them feel more comfortable.

      Do they actually think if you force yourself to smile you will suddenly be all perky like them?
      Yuck !!


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