First Step Is The Hardest

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This is so important when living a truly authentic life. Sometimes the first step is the hardest. The truth hurts but the alternative is so much worse. Go where the love is!

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2 thoughts on “First Step Is The Hardest”

  1. Thank you for this, and for all your help with the Youtube videos, with my friend’s problem. I commented to you when I first watched them that I didn’t think his girlfriend was like the worst type (she’d been my close friend for nearly a decade), but actually yesterday I had her screaming down the phone at me demanding to know what I’d told him… after she moved out she didn’t even tell him she was breaking up with him. I literally heard her rewriting the things she had done as she was going on at me. So I started to feel suicidal with the whole situation (this is someone who had me taken in completely as well and who I cared about a great deal) and I was forced to message her yesterday telling her never to communicate with me again because it was unfair to expect other people to lie for her or to speak to people like that. It was the point yesterday when she was screaming at me then saying “I’m not angry with you darling” then screaming at me again, and genuinely didn’t understand why I had been honest with her now-ex-boyfriend when he asked me a direct question, despite the fact that she knew about my commitment to live a genuine and honest life. It was like she was a different person yesterday. And she couldn’t even answer me this simple question: “What gender am I?” Shows how much attention she’s been paying to her best friend. I’d love to post a transcript of the convo on my blog at some point but I’m going to wait several weeks for her to not be obsessively scouring it and my Twitter for any mention of herself because I don’t want it to be her new narcissistic supply now he’s really broken up with her. But thank you for all your help and insight, and for being brave enough to post your own experiences with someone who sounds truly awful, because otherwise my husband and I wouldn’t have seen through her and been able to help our friend during this terrible, mind-f**king situation that is still ongoing.


    1. You are welcome for the links. I am sorry that this happened to you with the person you believed was your friend. These things take a long time to heal from.. It might help for you to watch the videos yourself since the situation is making you feel very depressed .

      I bought the Overcoming narcissistic abuse course that is advertised on the spartan life coach videos. It was a life saver for me. I have listened to the track many many times and I still do.

      It was 50 dollars and you get connected to a place where you can download the videos, audio tracks and written exercises or you can keep the link to the place to get to them.

      I hope you feel better. There are two blogs that I really like on wordpress
      Better not broken and Self Care Haven. If you need the links let me know. I believe you can search them on google but I would be happy to give you links to them. These are strong amazing women who are very inspiring about overcoming abuse.


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