Toxic People / Removing Their Access to Injuring Your Mental Health


Some people are toxic to us. We need to remove them from our lives. It is not a bad thing to do this and we do not have to feel guilty,

It is not for others to  judge us about who we choose to interact with and who we do not. We do not tell other people who to have in their lives, what right do they have to tell us?

Sometimes you want to remove someone who is toxic to us, but we get resistance from other people involved. They usually have no idea how the toxic person affects us. They are not aware of all of the interactions that have occurred between us and the toxic person. Even if we told them, they might not understand the implications of the interactions.

It is for us to know when things are injuring us. Something someone does or says, may…

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1 thought on “Toxic People / Removing Their Access to Injuring Your Mental Health”

  1. Thank-you. I needed this today. I’m so exhausted and jumpy and triggered and inside-out today from all the drama with having to do this to my narc. ex best friend after 9 years. Your blog is such a mountain of support, so thanks, again.


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