Rain and Chronic Pain / Arthritis and Bone Diseas

I  can tell that it is getting ready to, or is currently raining here. My chronic pain problems are flared up to an extreme.

I could hardly move out of the bed, but I had to get up and feed the bunny who was ringing his bell for me. He is so smart and sweet.

The degenerative disc disease causes certain bulging discs to slide out of place and that is painful and makes it harder to move.

The cervical spine area is the worst, but I also have pain and stiffness in the thoracic and lower lumbar areas. There is some stenosis in the middle of my back, which makes certain movements difficult.

annie pic cas 2

The lower back is always painful in the mornings.  When I got up to feed the bunny, I put some more air in this airbed. It was getting too soft which always causes worse pain to sleep on it, if it is sagging in at my hips.

One day I will be able to buy a real mattress and that should be better for my bad back.

I took my usual pain medications and am waiting to see what happens.  It might be a day I have to take extra.

But I have to drive to STS to have them help me with something in a little while. I cant take too many extra pain meds till I am done driving.  I just need this round to kick in.

I have two tall flights of steps to go down, to get out of the house. I have been using a cane on the steps because the arthritis in my knees had gotten so bad, I can hardly tolerate the extreme pain in my knees on the steps.


The cane helps a little but the pain is still torturous. So I am trapped in the house until the pain meds work…if the choose to work well today.

Chronic pain is terrorizing.  The other people that suffer from chronic pain know what I mean when I say it can cause depression.

I might be able to do some slow yoga in an hour or rwo. But not right now.

Otherwise I love the rain. I always have. It seems sad to have to dread something that you love.

Blessings for a peaceful day,


13 thoughts on “Rain and Chronic Pain / Arthritis and Bone Diseas”

    1. Thank you do much. Prayers are great 🙂 I think that the emotional component to having chronic pain can be worse than the physical pain. It is hard to do the things you want to do and you end up feeling left out of things…like playing with the kids, walking around the mall or the park with my kids. I can do those things sometimes and I try to do them when I can, but it is like being restricted to certain days and times.

      Also people that do not have pain like this really do not understand. They cannot see your pain so they do not know if you are exaggerating or just trying to get out of doing things. My kids are good about it but adults are not always understanding.

      It is hard to keep up with other people that are my age. When I tell people I have arthritis they assume, of course that it is the level of arthritis that people my age (49) usually have. But what I have is much more advanced than what is usual for 49. The doctors think it is like someone 15 or 20 years older than me. So, it is hard to get help from people like if I was 20 years older and people would believe the pain and lack of physical ability to do certain things.

      The spinal degeneration is also frightening and the fear is difficult to talk to people about. It makes no sense to them because they do not believe that my bones are really degenerating and causing that much difficulty to move.

      Also my right foot is beginning to turn inwards and misshape due to the arthritis in that foot and PTTD which is a tendon failure and flat foot. I cannot balance on that foot when I am on uneven ground and I have started to use a cane to get up steps and to walk in parking lots. I can hold onto a cart in to walk around in a store but if I am walking around a lot of people without a cart, then I use the cane so that I do not become off balanced with all the people pushing by.

      I have been surprised at the lack of compassion of people when you have a cane. I always have let people have more space to walk, if I saw they had a walker or a cane. A few people do that for me but most people are rude and do not care. I guess it is the area I live in because it is close to New York city in northern jersey.

      So, yes please keep me in your prayers, especially for a way to feel less emotional / mental pain over the bone degeneration. I do not like to feel discouraged but it is hard not to…

      Thank you for your comment and your prayers.
      Annie ❤


    1. Thank you. I am feeling a little better now. I am going to take a short car ride with my younger daughter to go get some subs for dinner. It will be a slow painful walk for me down the stairs but the walking around in the quickcheck and outside usually helps.

      I never feel like walking around when the pain is bad but just lying in bed makes it worse and the walking always helps, so I am going to get up and go do that

      Thank you for your kind words,

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      1. I really feel for you Annie and wish you all the best. I’m sure it means a lot to your daughter to go out with you! Cherish those moments!♡


  1. Hope you feel better… I really do. I’ve heard it can be especially painful during the rain (which I also love)

    Abundant blessings…e


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