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Depression and Difficulty with Daily Tasks

If you are in depression then it will be very difficult for you to keep up with day to day things. You probably want to stay in bed and forget that things need to get done.

Forgetting does not really work and soon you will be attacked with anxiety on top of the depression.  The combination of the anxiety and depression can be torturous.

So, you have to forgive yourself for not being able to get everything done, and scale down the tasks to the minimum.  Just do the most critical things and break them up into smaller bits and pieces. Some things require several steps, so you can write out the steps and then do one today.

I know what it feels like to just want to leave everything undone and crawl back into bed. You may only be able to do 15 minutes or 30 minutes at a time. If it is only 10 minutes then that is the way it is today.

People will probably complain to you because they do not understand. Sadly that is something that most people with mental illness have to endure, on top of the suffering we are experiencing. 

Everything does not have to be done at once, or back to back. Take breaks in between to do something therapeutic for yourself.

You have to be your own nurse, parent, nutritionist and physical therapist.

Try to eat a little out of each food group. If you can’t then perhaps try Ensure or Boost drinks. It is important to keep your strength up with vitamins.

Get some exercise even if it is sitting on the floor and doing stretches. The limited mobility will make your muscles stiff and uncomfortable.

Write a list of things and then taper it down to just very necessary things. Do them one at a time and take care of yourself in between.

Depression is a real illness. It is just as real as any other disease or illness.

Take care of yourself.  Try to get a bit of sunshine.  It will help regulate your your sleep / wake cycles. This will combat insomnia.



14 thoughts on “Depression and Difficulty with Daily Tasks”

    1. Feeling guilty is wired into the brains of people that grew up not being allowed to express any negative feelings.

      I am working on learning NLP, which I want to adapt for some of these issues. I have some ideas about re-wiring some of this stuff.

      I want to make some hypnotic audios , not hypnosis…just light relaxation ….with a combination of affirmations , NLP, and some Buddhist ideas. I am in the middle of working out this idea.

      When I make something, maybe you can check it out and see what you think. I could send you a link. Then you could give me feedback.

      I would eventually like to use them for life coaching and maybe to sell as part of a package of some sort.

      Annie ❤

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    1. Well, I wish you were doing better. I wish I had some kind of switch for my brain to turn certain things on and other things off.

      Then I would get one for you, maybe on EBay. They seem to have everything.

      We could also order a beautiful lady for you and a hot, strong, yummy guy for me. Actually. ….if we ordered them first, I bet we would not need the other thing. 🙂

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      1. Heeeeelp noooooooo, please don’t get me a woman, you’d mess up my lesbian sobriety. Eventually I’ll have been single for so long, I’ll start calling myself heterosexual 😀

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    1. Are you feeling that you are in depression? I am sorry for that.

      The blogging helps to a point but it doesn’t cure it.

      Do you think you have C-PTSD? I have found that almost everyone who suffers from depression had some kind of on-going abuse or trauma during their childhood.

      It messes up the developmental stages and we are missing some of the software needed to function in the adult world without getting really beat up.

      I am currently working on some hypnotic meditation audios that I am incorporating NLP techniques into, for C-ptsd. Let me know if you want to check them out.

      I would link them to you for no charge.

      I would like some feedback before I use them with my life coaching and/or sell them as part of a bundle package for self-esteem.

      That way a few people could give me an idea if they are good as they are, or if you have ideas to improve them. Kind of like a book review before the book is released and there is still time to make changes.

      Annie ❤

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  1. Your words are a comfort to me. I suffer from a few things. Depression and fatigue being two of them.
    I get so self-conscience about looking lazy, that I really try to keep going and get jobs done.
    But it leaves me feeling so ill when I over do it.

    I agree with your idea of short bursts at a time.
    Thank you.😊


    1. I am glad you found some validation and comfort here. Fatigue and depression often go hand in hand. It can start with either one.

      Fatigue and lack of ability to live a quality life can cause depression.
      Depression causes fatigue.

      It ends up being a terrible cycle, no matter which one was first.

      My wishes are with you for healing.

      Annie ❤

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