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Bunny is Straightening my Bedroom

20150506_011638This bunny of mine is so funny. I let him out when I clean his cage every few days, and I  let him run around my bedroom for a while. Eventually he gets tired and usually goes back into his cage on his own.

The first thing he does when he comes out to check out the room and make sure everything is where he remembers it to be. If something is not in the proper place, he moves it if he can.

He has a certain pathway that he likes to be clear. It is from where I have the cage to where he can get behind the small white bookshelf. If something is in the path, like a tee shirt, or a little stuffed animal, he gets ahold of it and tosses it to the side until he is satisfied that his path is open.

He takes a few minutes tidying up like that and when he is happy with the room being straight, then he goes behind the bookshelf and chills out.


Every now and then he comes out to see what I am doing and to make sure I am here. He does not like when I leave te room to go to the bathroom or anything. When I return he is always waiting neat the door.

Then he sees me come in and gives me a “ok that’s better” look and he runs off behind the white book shelf again. I have thought of rearranging the room a little,  but I think I will have to leave that shelf right where it is. I don’t want him to be trying to drag that back with his teeth to the right spot ! LOL


6 thoughts on “Bunny is Straightening my Bedroom”

    1. I love the bunny. I was never allowed to have pets when I was a kid. My father did not like them. My step father had a big afghan dog but it was more his dog. My mother once had a little dog but it was her dog.
      I got bunnies a few times as an adult and they were my pets. This one is special because he is funny and also cuddly when he wants to be.

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      1. I was never allowed to have pets either, until I moved out of my parents. I had a Maltese for a little over a year but we didn’t really bond. I now have the most amazing doggy :’) Chloe, a precious little pappilon 🙂

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  1. That bunny is so cute! When we had our bunny, if we let her out of her cage, she’d run so fast and hide and we couldn’t catch her. So if we let her out, we had to shut the bedroom door. Yours sounds like it has such a sweet personality!

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    1. oh yes, I have to shut the door to keep him in here. ALthough eventually he comes to look for me but I have to keep track of him in one area. He is enjoying being out tonight. It has been a few days. He loves sitting behind that shelf. I think it is his little cave where he feels safe. I can’t get him from out of there too easily and he knows that too. This way he can decide when he wants to go back into his cage. He usually goes back in after a while.
      Have a good night 🙂

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      1. So sweet! The problem with our bunny is that she used to growl at us when we tried to get her out of her safe place. We were scared she’d bite us! Yours sounds like he has a better disposition 🙂

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