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Memories Poem

Memories are images

Sights and sounds

Feelings and thoughts

Often distorted by perception

Pictures locked into place

by our wishes and fears

seconds, minutes and years 

transcending and outlasting

relationships and lives

based on beliefs that we held at the time

intermixed with the way we see reality

7 thoughts on “Memories Poem”

    1. I am not sure. I just sat down and wrote what I was thinking about….the way that memories are not always what really happened but just what we perceived that happened.
      If we were with someone that we thought was in love with us but it turned out they were just using us…then we have memories of them being kind and loving to us but they are not correct because they were not being kind and loving to us, they were just manipulating us

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      1. That’s a interesting thought so in the end would you say memories could be considered false in a sense or a lie of something that you want to believe but was never there in the first place


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