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Insomnia from hell

10:30 am. I have not slept all night.

The pain meds are working now for the sciatic pain I was having before. But why am I still awake.

I do not want to be driving with my kids in the car on no sleep….

Maybe I have to say no kids come out with me today. Bad enough if I have to drive….

17 thoughts on “Insomnia from hell”

  1. Oh, I’m sorry it’s been such a bad night for you. Sciatic pain is just awful. But that’s good the pain relief is working. I hope you cope today. Wishing you all the best.


  2. Sorry Annie. I don’t have insomnia but I haven’t been sleeping more than 4 hrs a night since a burglary thing we had here a couple of weeks ago. Is it a physical problem or anxiety? Here’s wishing you peaceful and long sleeps soon. ❤


    1. ❤If you had a burglery then your feeling of safety and boundaries was severely violated. You probably have PTSD from the emotional shock and you normal feeling of your reality being safe was interfered with.

      There are actual organic changes in the brain when someone’s sense of reality is screwed with.

      Your normal reality is that you are safe incertain places. Now your reality has been suddenly and maliciously altered.

      The neurons in your brain have unhooked from their usual places of association and rewired to set your frontal cortex on alert mode.

      I have done extensive research about this. There are ways to rewire the neurons with compassionate dialogue and NLP hypnotic tracks…..which I am making my own series of for various issues.

      Keep in mind that I can do one free life coaching session for you. Even one could help a lot. Then you could decide if you need more.

      Otherwise you might need to go to a therapist but it is best if they are knowledgablw in PTSD and NLP therapy for trauma.

      It is easy to underestimate these things but the PTSD can continue for longer than you might think.

      I hope you are able to get a little help one way or another. I was robbed at gunpoint when I was 18, working as a cashier at Rite Aid.

      I had no help at all. I did not know what PTSD was. I could not sleep and I jumped at noises. No one around me understood. They just said Get Over It.


    1. Thank you. That is a good idea for next time. I slept and I just woke up. Now it is 630 pm.
      My sleep schedule is really messed up and I feel very groggy from all the pain meds.
      600 mg of neurontin is too much. Next time I have to stick with breaking those in half. It is too hard to be functional when I wake up.
      Sometimes there is no “right” combination of pain meds in between lowering the pain and not being zombified…..

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  3. I’m very sorry to hear you’re in pain. 😦 It’s always worse at night, in the stillness, when you’re trying to sleep. I’ve been there myself. I wish you relief and good night’s sleep. (((gentle hugs)))


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