Wounded Healers are the Truth Revealers

To those who have been broken

by the darkness of malice

My heart breaks in two 

for your pain and confusion

Betrayal is perhaps the worst

and most painful thing to experience

and your soul can become torn

and your heart can be become shredded

Your world can turn dark with no

hope to trust in humanity again

I have been there before and I

know of the cloud of darkness

that can descend upon your mind 

and your very perception of reality…

The heartless ones can break you

and crush down your very desire

and belief that there is any hope left

for humanity

at all…

But I can see still a flicker of light

in you

and it grows brighter when you reach out

ever so cautiously 

so as not to be betrayed again…

There are some who

are sitting in their own darkened


Confused and alone

just as you were

not so long ago…

And though it feels like

you are permanently broken

you have come through 

what you have been dosed

and you have new


to share…

The lost ones

are seeking you

and are looking for your

particular painfully learned wisdom

and truth

to shine

to light their path 

out of their own hopelessness

and sorrow…

Once broken you can rebuild

and your soul will be stronger still

that it ever was


one person

tried to take it

and claim it for their own


Try as they might

No one has the rights 

to your soul…

They may have 

darkened your


of reality

for a time…

They may have even 


your very will to live…

But they cannot succeed

 in breaking you 

I know you can pull thought it

because the hope

and the light

is in the revealing of

the truth…

Now you can lead the lost ones

who don’t know the things

you see now

and do not perceive the things

you perceive now

and in the process you will heal

if just a little

at a time

Never underestimate the power

of that tiny light

within your darkness

It has warmth and strength

you are

not even aware of

Allow your truth to speak

and allow  your wounds to heal

In their healing

you will find 

new found wisdom

and be a beacon

for someone

who did not

deserve to be broken either

The truth is in the light

The light is in the truth

The revealers

are the last

and only hope

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cote8050
    Aug 04, 2015 @ 13:27:26

    Wow, that is so beautiful and true… how did you know I was feeling those very feeling this morning, had decided to stay alone from now on because most of the people in my life have hurt me, I’ve had enough, can’t take anymore but your poem here gives me a new take on it all… thank you.

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  2. Michael33
    Aug 04, 2015 @ 13:35:52

    Your beacon of light shines ever so brightly on all of us who read your words, Annie… and we thank you… Now we must pass that light on to those who linger in the darkness…

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    • gentlekindness
      Aug 04, 2015 @ 23:16:12

      Thank you for your kind words Michael. We are all surrounded by a darkness that is very hard to shake off. It is a minute by minute battle to keep going.

      I know you can feel this as well as I feel it. Alone we are not strong enough to continue.

      Hopefully in grabbing each other’s hands and reaching branches out to the ones who are currently going under the quicksand, we can draw some strength from the compassion of each other.

      There is a singular beauty in being offered empathy and compassion by another drowning person. And there is truth in the fact that if we temporarily make it to shore….we can easily get pulled back into the water and be too exhausted from the struggle to swim.

      The truth is that it matters. The drowning people matter. And the people who chose to stand on the shore rather than running far away from the water …in order to not forget the others…matter too.

      At the moment I feel under the water and the only light I see is to give the people next to me the map of reality that I have…just in case my version of the map might be ever so slightly more updated or truthful than the map they were given.

      There are people who intentionally give us maps of reality that are wrong. These maps hide the truth of the dangers…at the same time hiding the truth of our own capabilities.

      We are left with a set of directions which tells us we are worthless and have no capacity to survive independently. At the same time the makers of the maps pretend to be our saviors and convince us that we must trust them in order to survive.

      The directions send us away from truth and away it confuses our perception of who we can and cannot trust.

      I can not stand by and watch people manipulated by predators that target them for the simple reason that they were given false maps of reality aschildren and have no capacity to know when they are being manipulated and abused.

      Most of the cause of being primed for being sucked into the mental darkness is due to early interferance with our identities and violation by multiple abusers of our sense of safety and our very sense of reality.

      These are the things that are true. No one deserves to be drowning and inhaling mental darkness into their lungs.



  3. chyfrin
    Aug 04, 2015 @ 15:45:55

    the light can burn away the madness

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  4. lynettedavis
    Aug 04, 2015 @ 16:25:28

    “because the hope

    and the light

    is in the revealing of

    the truth”

    The fight has always been to silence us–to stop us from telling the truth, even as children. Thank you for sharing this. I’m going to re-blog this on The Broken Vessel.

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    • gentlekindness
      Aug 04, 2015 @ 22:47:02

      Yes it is true. We were silenced and stifled. People intentionally interfered with our perception of the truth and caused for us to question our own ability to see and perceive reality.

      This intentional confusion of one’s reality with gaslighting and creating cognitive dissonance has long term PTSD effects on the victim.

      So it is a struggle for us now to remind ourselves daily that we are allowed to call abuse abuse and that we do not have to tolerate abuse.

      There is strength to be gathered from sharing our stories and validating each others truth.

      There have to be some of us that expose the truth and reach out to be the revealers. Without revealers the abuse will grow and the victims will continue to go from one abusive relationship to another….possibly to their death.


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  5. mother wintermoon
    Aug 05, 2015 @ 03:20:03

    Revealers are healers. Thank you.

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