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Depression is Just as Real as Physical Illness

Depression is different for different people. While there are similar experiences and feelings, there is no typical pattern that everyone has.

However your depression in for you is real and just as valid as anyone else’s depression.

It can hang on for long stretches on time from a few weeks to a few months. It can seem to go away and then reappear without any warning.

Some people have periods of the day where they are mostly fine only to wake up feeling the darkness of depression covering them like a black blanket in the morning. Depression can feel like the enemy.

There is no normal way to have depression because depression is not the normal way for the brain to behave.

There are organic differences in the brains of people who suffer from depressive disorders. It is a real illness with physiological evidence. Anyone that tells you that it is not real has not done their homework.

One of the worst things about having depression is that people will invalidate you and tell you that you are being a baby. They are able to shake off their sadness and frustration …so why can’t you?

Well, it does not work that way. People with depression cannot just shake it off or will themselves to get better. There is no magic pill to take or fairy wand to wave.

Depression haunts you and threatens you.

Medication can sometimes help but it is not a magic pill that cures you.

If you are suffering with depression, please know that you are not alone. There are many bloggers that write about depression. You can find support here so that you will not have to feel completely alone. 

depression hurts

People with mental illness are threatened and tormented by their own brains just like people with physical diseases are threatened by their own bodies.

In addition mental illnesses like depression also cause physical pain. There is a real feeling in the body that depression causes. It is different for different people but there is always pain in the body.

Don’t give up. You are not alone. Your mental health matters and you have just as much of a right to feel well as anyone else does.



13 thoughts on “Depression is Just as Real as Physical Illness”

  1. Perfect read for early morning. During my worst days, it professed with physical pains. My shoulders swole, reddened and i was in so much pain. Since i got better, it automatically disappeared. Sadly a lot of people don’t realize or believe the relationship. 🙂

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    1. Stress takes a terrible toll on the body. Depression and anxiety disorders cause a lot of stress on the brain and the body. There are all sorts of physical manifestations that can occur.
      Thank you for reading I am glad this was validating to you 🙂

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    1. Absolutely right ! Your mental health has to be a priority because you are no longer good for taking of yourself or anyone else once you fall into a dark pit of depression or a state of extreme anxiety.

      There are actual organic changes in the brain that get worse as these conditions hang on for ongoing periods of time. The neural pathways wire to continue the same patterns they become used to and that are familiar to them.
      They neurons can unwire and reattach themselves elsewhere but it takes time and proactive self care.

      You are special and you deserve to have a good quality if life as well as anyone else does 🙂

      Much love,

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      1. Annie – Thank you for your kind words. I know I have to find something where I have interaction with people I enjoy interacting with or I’ll slip down the rabbit hole. I’ve spent over 20 years taking care of Tom and well – I have to find an outlet for me. Everything has revolved around Tom for so very long and I find myself falling further more and more each day.
        Thank you for being there and for your encouraging words. Love, Sheri

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    2. You are welcome. It is easy for women to fall into losing their own identity and neglecting themselves when someone on the family is very needy. It is very hard especially if there is no one else to take a turn.

      Is there anyone who could stay at the house with him while you go away for a weekend? You could go somewhere you like and do some sightseeing and watch movies on the hotel tv. Just to have some privacy and space…..Ahhhh it sounds so good to me. I wish I could go. I have too many people on top of me all the time and I would love some alone time.

      Maybe if you think a little you can come up with something like to hotel idea to get a break. Even one night away once on a while might help.

      Some insurance companies and medicaid cover respite care for the person that needs to be cared for, in order for the caregiver to be able to get away for a while. Caregiver burnout is a real thing. You can google caregiver burnout and you will find lots of stuff.

      It is normal for people that are full time care givers to become exhausted. Sometimes this even results in the caregivers developing mental illness and even abusing the person. This is one of the reasons that the insurance will pay for respite care. I do not know if your situation qualifies but you could check.

      A social worker may be able to assist you also. They might have ideas we have not thought of. Feel free to chat anytime with me.

      Annie ❤

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      1. Thanks, Annie. I appreciate your kindness. I’m aware of burnout and that caregivers are likely to die 42% times before the person they are caring for. That’s one of the things that really concerns me as Tom and I are a family of 2.
        We qualify for 2 hrs a day 2 times a week to have someone come in and simply sit to be here or give Tom a drink or that type of thing from the VA. However, the individual is not licensed in any way and not bonded. It would be like having a stranger off the street in your home and it would be whoever they had to send each time.
        I’m not willing to take the chance with that type of service.
        I’ve talked with Tom several times but he doesn’t want anyone else to stay with him while I go away for even a night. He may have to bite the bullet and do it as I need to get away for a bit of time.
        Until I retired, my career kept me on the go and fulfilled my identity. I still took care of Tom but he didn’t need as much hands on care as he does now.
        It would help if I could conquer my insomnia. I’ve battled it ever since I retired. I always worked really long hours and now that I don’t, I seem to be lost. I always have tons of stuff to do but when I tell myself it’s time to go to sleep my mind keeps turning.
        Thanks for listening. Take care and one of the reasons I continue to see a therapist after all these years is to stay on track and make sure I stay balanced. Sheri

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  2. Nice post… I used to hear, “Time to pull yourself together, it’s all in the mind.” But, we wouldn’t say to someone with a broken leg, “Pull yourself together, it’s all in the leg.!

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