Depression from Childhood Abuse and C-PTSD / What is Cognitive Dissonance ?


Depression is not a sign of  a lack of intelligence or a lack of willpower. People will criticize you and accuse you of those two things. 

Many people who suffer from depression are above average intelligence. It is sometimes the very intelligent and creative people than end up suffering from depression. You are able to see the world and think about the world in ways that other people cannot.

Many people who have depression were misunderstood, and mentally abused as children. You were very possibly the child in your family that noticed that things were not as they should be. Ot at least you felt in your heart that things were not right.

Other children in the family may have had no idea that anything was wrong or at least not in the same way that you did. They did not notice that other families functioned differently or think…

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