7 thoughts on “If You Need A Smile, Watch This….”

      1. 🙂 Thanks. Yes, that extends to most things actually, including her religious beliefs (I am an atheist) or her taste in music or art or her wish to be anything in future. It surprised most of my friends and relatives that I am being so liberal, when I have been rigid and stiff all my life 🙂 . Just got a mail from my close friend that her daughter in law is scandalized that I posted my daughter’s pics online. But if there is a cruel and ugly world out there, I refuse to be imprisoned by it and I would not want my daughter to be either. I understand that these pics can be misused by lousy people. So what? Are we to be held hostage to a few?
        As for dancing, let me tell you something really weird. I have never danced in my entire life, not even if my life depended on it 😀 And yet, I would not dream of stopping my daughter. She loves dancing.
        Thanks for replying 😀 appreciate it

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    1. Daughters are good to have. Although at around 17 they start to challenge you. My ex husband keeps reassuring me it will pass.

      I am glad you are also blessed with a creative spirit child. Mine are also creative and independent.

      When they are cared for and nurtured when they are very young they are more confident later on.

      You are doing great. Don’t worry too much about other people. They will find a way to criticize no matter how hard you try to please them.

      There is no possible way to please everyone because they do not all agree on things.

      You might as well please yourself and go with your intuition. I doubt your daughter’s picture is pinned up on a black market slave trade….highly unlikely.

      It is more important to keep track of them and teach them safety rules like staying together with the group.

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      1. Thank you, so much, Annie. I was beginning to have a few doubts about the wisdom of posting the pics online, considering the kind of feedback I’m getting from a few “well-wishers”.
        I am sure your kids are wonderful. Anyone who is creative and independent turns out to be alright.

        The sad thing is, you are spot on… my friend’s daughter turned 18 and she has been in a relationship with a much older boy. In many ways, she is like a daughter to me too, but I am not very clued in on the US culture and I do not know how to react to the fact that she now wants to live with the fellow.
        And you know the funny part? Conservative old Indian me, I am pretty calm about it and though it is sad, I trust her to make the right decisions. She is mature and level-headed, so she can’t be far wrong in her choice. But her mother, my friend, who has been an eternal hippie, the flighty little woman of whose liberal ways I used to get exasperated with, has turned out to be ultra-conservative suddenly and is all broken up. I am so sad for both of them. I have urged them to speak openly (apparently the last time her daughter is spending the night in that house and I guess it is still quite early in CA) and to not shout or fight. I told my friend to be calm and to accept it, but to remain a friend rather than a hostile mother. I hope it all works out.
        It devastated me, if I have to confess. When do they grow up? It is only yesterday, it seems, that she was a sweet little child. But you know, I have had too many heartbreaks in the recent past to think that this is the most serious one yet. My friend;s girl, my girl, is very stable, very mature for her age. I am hoping that she has made the right decision and chosen wisely. That is all I wish for.

        Sorry to get you in all this.. and in public, at that..
        But thank you for your kind words.. I am forewarned now seeing what happened to my other “daughter” 🙂

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