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What I have been Up to This Week – Web Designing my Life Coaching web site

I have been working on a new Life Coaching web site. It is still a work in progress. It is functional but I am still tweaking it.

Take a look and see what you think so far. You can see Gentle Kindness Coaching Blog Here.

I was able to get the web address of

This blog is at Weebly. So far I would recommend them. I am still learning some of the functions and other ins and out of how to create the blog and set the links within the blog etc. It is a lot to learn and I see why people pay to have a web design expert do this for them. I would if I could.

I will be offering specials for the month of September and I still need to add those to the web site. Additionally if you are a follower of this wordpress blog, I will offer you an additional discount.

I will update you when the blog is updated. Please drop by and visit. The store page is not finished but the other pages are functional.  If anything jumps out at you that could be better or different feel free to leave a constructive comment below. Thanks.

This has been very time consuming in addition to doing a few YouTube videos. My blogging should get back to normal once this web site is fully complete.

8 thoughts on “What I have been Up to This Week – Web Designing my Life Coaching web site”

    1. Thank you for looking. I was trying to use calm soothing colors and images. So I am glad that came through.

      I think of the smell of lavender when I see that purple color and I love that smell.

      Thank you for your thoughts.

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    1. Thank you. I appreciate hearing that. I do not get any support from my family about anything I want to do, which would be okay if it was just not commenting.

      But they constantly make snide remarks and try to discourage anything I think of doing to make money.

      Yet they still expect their 1000 rent a month. I guess they think I will pick it off of a tree somewhere.

      Anyway, I am very thankful for the support and encouragement I get here. I need to get back on my feet so that I will not have to be dependent on narcissists to have housing. I would be so much happier living on my own.

      Any ideas about the web site are welcome. Once you look at it for 5 hours you lose perspective on how it would look to someone seeing it for the first time.

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      1. I am no computer guru so I’m afraid my feedback has to be limited. But I did like the way you presented and wrote about what services you were offering. You sounded professional yet accessible and friendly. – Sandie

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    1. Oh good. Thank you for looking at it for me. 🙂
      I like to get outside opinions. By the time you have been working on something and looking at it for so many hours, it is hard to know anymore.

      I just need to set up the store with the audios. I have to work on making a few of those tonight and tomorrow.

      Thank you again for taking time to check it out.


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