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Insomnia Sucks – Humorous Insomnia Poem

Insomnia Sucks
I can’t count the ducks
They say to count sheep
It don’t put me to sleep

Imagery is great
But it keeps me up late

Now it’s 6:30
The dishes are dirty
I know I should wash them
But I want to squash them

If this made you smile
Then it was worthwhile

And I know that you know
And you know that I’m so
And that sounded brainless
The sheep are now nameless
My mind is so aimless

Too tired to write stanzas
About what a woman and man does

This poem gets worse
With each Passing Verse

Or maybe it’s clever
In some profound way
It might change your life
Or just make you say…

“You should go to sleep
You’re brain is not deep
You’re just overtired
And think you’re inspired
But thank you for trying
Your poem I’ll keep”

So now it is time
To count the damn sheep
And if I am able
I’ll fall fast asleep

And while I am sleeping
I’ll dream I’m awake
And when I am waking
I’ll wish I could sleep

The whole silly thing
It just goes round and round
But now I have you
And you know what I mean
When I say…

That I paint the sheep
Red, blue and green
Cause I can’t count them nightly
And sleep so politely

3 thoughts on “Insomnia Sucks – Humorous Insomnia Poem”

  1. Hahaha… funny you should write about this.. this really happened to me. A friend of mine suggested that I count sheep one night when I couldn’t sleep. I tried that and after a while I sat up in consternation, if I knew the rate of flow of the sheep population and I knew the variations in sheep-jump stats then I could as well write a predictor for it and darned if I did not sit up the entire night trying to figure out how to implement it. Moral of the story: Never give a geek a phrase that he could then turn into an app 🙂

    😀 nice poem… thank you…


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