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Hedden Park Photography by my Daughter

park trees lake rockss

bridgeparl trees lake rocks 2

park trees lake rocks

These are pictures that my twelve year old daughter took. She is developing a love for photography. These were taken at Hedden Park which is near to my home in New Jersey.

This is a great quality time activity that costs nothing. It was relaxing to walk in the nature and enjoy the beautiful discoveries together.

8 thoughts on “Hedden Park Photography by my Daughter”

    1. I understand. I have trouble getting her away from the computer also. Going outside to the park seemed to work well. She did not even rush to get home. Parenting is not easy. We always have to try to see if things work. When they don’t we try again. They are the only people we really cannot give up on because we brought them into the world.

      The trees and the brook are peaceful. And it is a free activity which is helpful to me because I have been out of work for a while.

      Thank you for visiting my blog,

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  1. Beautiful photos and how nice to have such a place of tranquility so close to where you live. Isn’t it wonderful to have an activity you and your daughter have this opportunity to spend time together. Another activity that’s not expensive and often leads to conversation between friends or parents and children is coloring. I have a post coming up later on but wanted to tell you about a place to get free coloring sheets in case you aren’t aware of it. The on-line Dover Publishing catalog has all kinds of coloring books in it and I’ve purchased several over the years as this was an activity I used to really relax into and then I suffered nerve damage, [That’s a story for another time]. Anyway, they’ve started issuing free coloring pages to the e-mail subscribers of their catalog about once a month. Today I printed out 5 really nice designs.


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