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Hello from Annie ! and some Pictures …

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I am getting ready to take  my 12 year old daughter to the mall. I thought I would share some pictures of myself with you. It has taken me a long time to grown my hair back out  long again.

I am afraid of hair dressers because they always chop off my long hair no matter what  tell them. So this time I cut and angled the front and sides myself with special hair cutting scissors you can buy at a beauty supply store.

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19 thoughts on “Hello from Annie ! and some Pictures …”

    1. Thank you. That is such a wonderful complement. I really do not interact with people in my daily life …or have not in several months. Just the people I live with who are discouraging to me about mostly everything and then people at stores I go to,

      I needed someone to see me because I have been feelings invisible lately. I was afraid people might take this as a narcissistic post, but it was not meant to be. It was a need to be seen as a person because I feel so invisible lately.
      Thank you for your kindness 🙂


  1. Oh, please come over here and shake my wife to bits…. she wants to chop off my daughter’s beautiful tresses… 😦 It is like some kind of madness.. She says it will not grow well if we don’t cut it often.. Ha, excuses, excuses… I would never allow her to do it.. but now she is slowly getting the daughter on her side.. insidious suggestions.. oh, you feel the warmth of the day a lot more because of your long hair etc :)))
    Just kidding.. I will never allow her to get away with it.. but yes, I love long hair too.. it looks lovely on you.. such nice hair.. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. If they are really wanting to cut your daughter’s hair maybe you can suggest that she just get a few inches cut off. The she and your wife can see how she feels about wearing that way every day and also how long it takes to grow back. Cutting a lot all at once can be traumatizing,
      This way your daughter can try out something a little different and see if she likes it or misses the long hair.
      And you might see that it looks nice also, especially if they style it with some bounce.
      It is important for girls to feel comfortable with their hair style and also that they have some choice choosing it. I am not sure how old your daughter is….I am guessing around 9 or 10?
      Good luck and thank you,

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      1. LOL, no.. she is just 5… and no, over my dead body, not a millimeter of her beautiful hair.. Not ever.. My wife did that once when she was little.. got it chopped off.. and I actually wept… 😀

        And whenever I am in a malicious mood and have to make my wife feel guilty, I tell her, oh you wronged me.. you cut me deep, remember when you chopped my daughter’s hair?

        Yes, Annie, I get what you mean.. just kidding.. I told my daughter the other day (and intentionally sadly) “It is left to you, if you wish to cut it short, I would never stop you”… hehehe, two can play the game..
        On the other hand, yes, if she wished to have it cut short, I would never stop my daughter 🙂

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    2. I have two daughters and every now and then (as they get to be preteen ages and teen ages) they get some crazy idea to do with their hair….like dying it pitch black (they have very light skin like mine….the black looks like a witch)…cutting it in weird asymmetrical ways, chopping it…etc.

      I have always tried to do two things…
      1. I have them wait a “waiting period” that I designate .. usually 6 months to a year..(depending on how severe the thing is that they think they want)
      This waiting period is almost always helpful because they usually want this style out of a whim..a impulse,..or because a friend did it…or they saw it in a magazine. This waiting period is a way not to say “NO” but just that they have to wait and see if they really still like that idea in 6 months.

      2, Then I try to do what I suggested to you. A small change in the direction that they are talking about but not the whole thing…Like if they want all blue hair, I let them get a streak of blue to try it out before they are allowed to do the whole head blue.

      These ideas usually work for me. Teenage and preteen girls can become traumatized by doing something dramatic with their hair and then being stuck with it. They do not realize how other people will respond..even staring at them in the store.

      So this keeps me in the loop so that they do not go behind my back and get stuff done …That is the danger of giving then severe NO when they are teenagers.

      Anyway you won’t have to worry about that stuff for a while. I wish you luck….teenage and preteen girls can be a lot of stress…even though I love them…Mine are very independent and sometimes too much.

      Enjoy the ages of 5 and 6 and 7 as you go along. I remember spending lots of time with mine at those ages. They still want to spend quality time with you and enjoy going places and playing games with you,,,and watching movies. You will be happy later, when they are older, if you know you spent the quality time before they become busy with their friends and jobs etc later on.

      I am sure your daughter has beautiful tresses, What color is her hair? My daughters have brown curly, wavy hair. The older one has very long hair and the other one is medium and growing it out. A month ago she wanted me to shave her head……and I cried during that argument. Thank God I talked her out of shaving the head. Oh my God !


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      1. All good tips!! Thanks, Annie… thank you very much..

        My daughter has brown-black hair, long and slightly wavy (or so my wife says, and I argue that it is straight like mine..)

        Yes, I try to savour every moment with her… the early years went by so quickly that it felt completely unfair. I wish I could go back and experience it all over again. But I know that she might get busy with her friends, in her own world, in the future.. So let me make the most of now 🙂

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    1. They drool when they see me coming….they get such a compulsion to chop it off. They tell you how much better it will look.

      It is not their business to say what I would be happier with. The next time someone starts like that I am not going to let them touch my hair.

      I will ask for another beautician or leave. Too many times they took off 6 inches and called it a trim….

      So for now I do my own.
      Thank you so much for your response to the post. 🙂



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