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Links to Fantasy Coloring Pages – Anxiety and Depression Coloring for Therapy

fantasy coloring

fairy inspired blogspot .com fairyinspired.blogspot.com

Here is the LINK TO SOME beautiful free coloring pages with a fantasy these. I love these. They are from the blogspot blog called  Enchanted Designs Fairy and Mermaid Blog

Coloring is not just for kids. It can have a very therapeutic affect on adults suffering from anxiety disorders, depression and PTSD.

Coloring beautiful pictures can help with PTSD from narcissistic abuse and domestic abuse. It can help to calm down intrusive thoughts from OCD.

You can use colored pencils or colored markers. Markers can bleed through so I usually try to put a blank page between the coloring pages so as not to have colors bleeding through the design below.

fantasy coloring 2fantasy coloring 3

8 thoughts on “Links to Fantasy Coloring Pages – Anxiety and Depression Coloring for Therapy”

    1. I understand about not having any uncluttered place in the house. It is very frustrating. I hope you can find a quiet uncluttered spot somewhere for yourself. I struggle with the same issues in my little part of the house up in this attic. My younger daughter is like a tornado and there is more stuff up here than there is space for. The combination of the two problems causes a lack of clear spaces.
      I just color on my bed and spread the stuff out on here, while I have netflix on the laptop. The bunny is either hopping around my room or in the cage next to my bed on the floor. It is the best I can manage right now but it is better than nothing.
      Good luck,

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      1. Aww that sounds adorable. My bunnies aren’t allowed in the bedroom because there’s too many trailing wires and we couldn’t trust them not to chew them. If I started coloring on my bed I’d end up with it all over the floor though as there’s nowhere to put anything in there. Egads I need to sort my house out.


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