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How Can Thoughts Affect the Physical World? Dr. Emoto’s Experiments with Water

I want to share something very special with you today. This is about the water experiment by Masuru Emoto. Thoughts are our most powerful tool to create, change or to stay in our current state of reality. Thoughts can cause physical changes to our world, including altering the molecules in water.

In his experiment Emoto  wanted to explore the possibilities of thoughts and emotions creating changes in water molecules. The first part of the experiment was to have water blessed by a Zen Monk. There were pictures taken of the water molecules before the blessing and there were pictures taken of the water after it received the blessing.

Take a minute to watch this short video to see what happened to the molecules in the water. You can see that the patterns of the water molecules dramatically change in response to the intentional thoughts that were given.

After the success of the first experiment, followers of Emoto continued to see how thoughts and ideas could change the water. Here is another short video that shows what happened when words were taped to jars of water. Some of the words were kind and others were fear based ideas.

The two extremes of emotional thoughts are fear and love. The other emotions like sadness, hate, kindness, and compassion fall into one of these two main categories. For example the emotions og humiliation and embarrassment are based in fear. The emotions of peace and calm are based in love.

Water has memory and it responds to the vibrations of different frequencies.

It connects with the intention of the thoughts around it. Here is one more video about vibrations that we create with our thoughts and how those vibrations affect reality. Dr. Emoto is interviewed in this video. He talks about giving love to other living things and to any person that you want to communicate love vibrations to.

Here is one last video which is an experiment of water being exposed to different kinds of music. Music carries energy frequencies and vibrations. The water changes in response to the energy and intention in the music.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy.

The thoughts we have affect that energy. I thought that the part of the interview that talked about cigarettes was interesting. They suggested that the warning on the side of the cigarettes causes more cancer because the intention of the words is about danger, cancer, and fear.

Different thoughts vibrate at different frequencies and those frequencies have different affects on the living thing that is near them.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water.

 The water molecules respond to thoughts and vibrations then the water in our bodies must also respond to our intentions and emotional thoughts. Being subject to abuse and malicious intention causes real physiological changes in our bodies. Being around loving intention and kindness has a positive effect on our health,  both mental and physical.

8 thoughts on “How Can Thoughts Affect the Physical World? Dr. Emoto’s Experiments with Water”

  1. I know about these experiments a long time ago but after a few time they were disprove by the science as pseudoscience….sorry about that but I will try to remember the information . 🙂 But however is sounds nice ….

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  2. This is taken from a docudrama called What the Bleep do we know. It’s very emotive. Whether it’s pseudoscience or not, it teaches a powerful lesson in learning to love yourself. When I first watched it, it changed my life from one of fear to love. I still need a timely reminder every now and then though. Thank you 🙂

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  3. The branch of quantum physics has explored some interesting things about the power of intention and multiple co-existing possibilities but I guess you have to be into that kind of thing. I realize that some people do not think of quantum physics as real science but I enjoy reading about the new experiments they are doing about reality being malleable.

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    1. Annie, I beseech you, let us not get into quantum phyics, please. I guess I am a little right-wing when it comes to scientific beliefs and much as it shames me to say it, I am irrational when people try to conflate science and theology/belief together. I might actually end up fighting with you 😀

      Quantum physics, I assure you, has nothing to do with intention. It is not the human realm that physics is concerned about. And yes, about multiple co-existence, it is true, but unrelated to this subject. And who said that people do not think of quantum physics as real science? They have to be really ignorant to think or say so. But then, what do we have to do with such people? Quantum physics is not just real but will overturn the assumptions of classical physics as well. Science is not static, it does not depend on beliefs or faith or staunch defense from believers in one thesis or other. If there is a truth that disproves the previous one, a good scientist will not defend the previous one to the death, while knowing that it is wrong. A good scientist will accept defeat and accept the new lord immediately.
      But I digress.. I just wanted to say, please avoid this subject. Science and belief cannot ever co-exist. Even if they did, using one to prop up the other would not just be hypocrisy but a fraud of the worst kind perpetrated on mankind. I am not being unkind, I am stating it as it is. I hope you are not offended, Annie. I do like you very much. But like I said, this conflation would make me see red.. sorry for the tough words, Annie.. just had to say them..


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