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Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Juicing / PTSD and Bowel Disorders

For ulcerative colitis or irritable bowel syndrome, juicing with a juicer is a good method for getting nutrition without irritating any flare ups. If you are in the middle of a flare up it is recommended to go down to liquids for a few days and then soft foods, until the flare up is able to heal.

The body wants to heal itself and it can do this better when the problem is not being irritated by wrong foods.

Here are some recipes for the juicer that contain green veggies. This is a great way to get your vitamins without eating solid foods.

30 Green Juice Recipes

This is great video that talks about diet and home treatment for flare ups of ulcerative colitis. I liked this guy. He was very down to earth and knowledgeable. 

You can use apples to sweeten your juice because green juice does not always taste the way you might like. You can use any color of apples. The following recipe is from All and it calls for green apples.

Basically this recipe calls for green apples cut in halves, 4 celery stalks , 6 leaves of kale, half a pealed lemon, 1 inch of fresh ginger and a cucumber. Put them through your juicer and then add extra apple if you need more sweetness.

I have been struggling with colitis for several months now. I was hospitalized once and I have taken antibiotics for infections a few times. It is a very frustrating disease that can cause fatigue and weakness in the body and even joint pain. 

If you are having unexplained abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits, and pain in your joints resembling arthritis pain, you might have colitis. Arthritis and colitis often go hand in hand. This is the case with me. I also have moderate to severe arthritis, depending on which joint we are talking about. Some places it is more severe to the point of extreme pain.

Your general health is important and it affects your mental health. There is no way to separate the body and the mind. Any sickness in the mind will cause physical symptoms. Any sickness in the body will cause mental / emotional symptoms. 

If you have PTSD or C-PTSD then you are prone to develop problems with the bowels. Anxiety disorders if any kind also can cause bowel disease and other problems. If you are recovering from narcissistic abuse or domestic abuse you are prone to develop problems with your bowels. 

PTSD can crash your immune system. There are many physical problems, diseases and infections which can occur when your immune system is compromised by PTSD and trauma.

Depression and anxiety also lower your immune system and make you susceptible to disease and illnesses including ulcerative colitis.

Financial problems cause anxiety and depression, so you could say that financial stress can also cause infection and disease. Financial problems often follow someone after they get out of an abusive relationship. So then you are particularly prone to a crash of your immune system because you have the financial stress along with PTSD from the trauma.

I wish you all good health and peace of mind,


13 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Juicing / PTSD and Bowel Disorders”

    1. My symptoms were acting up and I was watching these videos on youtube so I decided to share. I thought it might hit home with a few people for various reasons. Many people develop physical problems after trauma.
      Thank you for supporting the blog by reading and commenting, 🙂

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  1. Great advice. Luckily my experience with a lot of this is mostly behind me now, but it flares up now and again, as it has been over the last few days. I’d been thinking about doing a couple of days of juices, after reading your post I definitely will. I have found acupuncture helps too.

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  2. Great info here. I can attest to a lot of what was said here. I suffer from Crohn’s/Colitis. I grew up in a stressful household with a narcissistic mother. Whenever I’m stressed, it goes directly to my digestive system.

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    1. I have heard this from more and more people that had to suffer from narcissistic abuse. They all (we all) ended up with these issues.
      Well I did think I had a flare up of colitis when I wrote this but it turned out to be a kidney infection. I just got back from the hospital. I was there from late Sat night through today Tuesday afternoon This is all part of the same thing…immune system crash from mental abuse.

      I thought I was far enough out now…6 months…but I guess not far enough to build the immune system up.
      I am going to be more proactive with yoga, more raw veggies and some other things I will think of…lol
      I have bee in the ER and the hospital too many times in the last 6 months.

      I was never hospitalized before (you know other than having the babies) but not for infections and sickness. Uck

      Much love,
      Annie ❤

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  3. I wish you a speedy recovery. Go easy on the raw veggies, in flare ups, they aren’t our friends. You should eat bland ie: rice, chicken, toast, etc. in flare ups as to not make the digestion have to work to hard. It helps me. We have to tend to our immune systems because what took a lifetime of damage is a long repair process. 🙂

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