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The Oneness of All

Why do they tell me

Who they think I should be

I know who I am

I’m Annie 

That’s me

I know what I like and I

know what I don’t


of the ocean


of the grass

 Taste of sweet kisses

Touch of a hand

Two spirits connecting


and love


In the right place

Where they go

True hearts when they break

Tears when they flow

These things are important

I know it is so

So don’t try

to woo me

With gossip

and shame

Manipulation by trying

to make me feel less than sane

The truth

is quite plain

Mundane conversation

Just bores me to death

My call

is to people

With truth on their breath

I speak what I feel

And I speak what I know

Humanity’s oneness

Should be

the first goal

Love unconditional

Mercy and grace

If you look

in your hearts

You will see

a small trace

Of truth

as it is

And truth

that is all

What matters


The oneness

of all

No one deserves less

No one should feel invisible

We were born with a wholeness

Deserving what we dream

For what you imagine is

your legitimate dream

You can create your own life

and You Matter 

It’s true

The feelings you feel

Are telling something to you

6 thoughts on “The Oneness of All”

    1. I like when somebody likes to help but also I know that I should help myself. I am a little narcissistic by many reasons but that i realize the truth is sign for improving . This poem is lovely but when i said i don`t need bloggers is not because I don`t want the people advises but because at least 10 years I am not in the mood to write blogs. I prefer when I trust people to believe me and to speak with them on real. However it cost me so much to trust somebody…I am closed as a person. Also I won`t want somebody not to respect me and to get over . I like when people use their names on real . When I ask people for advice is because I am in different situation , different country and many things I have never known how to do. I am seeing my words always are taken in wrong way. ,, sorry, I have to work a lot these days….

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