4 thoughts on “Personal Bill Of Rights”

    1. Yes, you have these rights and me too. And I left you on peace. Just erase everything and stop mocking at me if you really are good person. Then I won`t say even a word. I am fine, with good salary, much better than last year and people who appreciate and love me. let to stp with these things! I explain what made me feel down two days ago. Sorry I could not share it on time. Love your woman and be happy! i really don`t think anything bad.

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      1. Hi. I think you have me confused with someone else. I am female and i live in the US. I have never been out of the US and I have never had a relationship with a woman. So I am not sure what to respond to your messages about a relationship because I do not know you other than seeing your messages on my blog.
        I live in New Jersey and I have two children. I am divorced and I live with my ex in laws and my kids.
        I am not even sure where you live but you mentioned another country that I have never been in. I have lived in New Jersey for 15 years and before that I lived in Maryland with my husband and my kids.


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