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Your Innate Self Worth and Value

self worth

6 thoughts on “Your Innate Self Worth and Value”

    1. I was at that time. I think I fell asleep with the laptop on my lap. Just after i posted this I do not remember anything except a few hours later I woke up and the laptop was falling off of me. I woke up in time to catch it from falling on the floor.
      You must have sent this just as I passed out while typing. Kind of funny…my hands must have been on the keyboard when I passed out. It would have been a good photo if someone had taken a picture of me sleeping while blogging…..LOL


    2. LOL yes maybe I could have a video go viral on YouTube if me sleeping while blogging.
      It would be really weird if I was still typing. I wonder what my subconscious would blog about?
      Anyway it would be a funny video. I have seen less interesting things go viral.

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