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Profound Haiku

Can you offer the keys

To existential crisis

In one profound haiku?

8 thoughts on “Profound Haiku”

    1. πŸ’•I like that one…The beautiful yellow leaf is probably wiser than the rest of us….It knows how to live without anxiety, how to float on the gentle wind,

      …how to hang on during a storm, and how to offer its beauty even in death.

      But enough of that existential stuff…I want to build a pile of leaves and lie in it….or make love in it. ….or something fun 😘

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    2. I like this story / proverb . I heard another version of this from Ajahn Brahm on one of his talks on YouTube. It is easy to lose track of this idea. But the times when I am in a state to realize this, things seem to go better and people seem to have less power over me.

      The issue of wanting to be in control over the things that happen is one that all people deal with. I am learning that one of the most important things is what meaning you assign to things. The ability to see the strawberry is one level of state that is higher that the level of not having the capacity to see it.

      I have been both unable to see it and able to see it, depending on the state and consciousness level I was in at the time.

      The ability to reach out for it and eat it…now that it a whole different level of state and vibration. If you are able to do that then the negative things that are happening are just being accepted and there is no personal blame or self shaming for those events occurring. Life is messy and shit always happens.

      The problem for people with C-PTSD is that there is a tendency to assign a personally shaming meaning to the negative things that happen….
      I think I am getting into a post here….This happens to me sometimes when I am interacting with people in a meaningful way here…I end up being inspired to write something from the interaction…

      So I will stop here and hold these thoughts for tomorrow. It looks like I inspired your beautiful poem and you inspired one of my future posts. All good things…

      Thank you for the link and the book. I have not read that book so I will check it out. Talk to you soon and think of me when you see a pile of leaves ….LOL

      Much love,

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