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Two New Videos About Narcissistic Abuse


I was able to make an upload two new videos to my YouTube Channel today.

The first one is a Part One in a series of videos dispelling the myths about abuse victims.

The second one is about the idealization phase of narcissistic abuse. What is it? Why does it work? Who does it work on? How can you avoid being duped by this tactic?

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2 thoughts on “Two New Videos About Narcissistic Abuse”

    1. Thank you for sharing. I am sorry you went through that. It is terrible and it traumatizes the brain so much. That early trauma and feeling of never being safe, even with the ones who are supposed to keep you safe, is something that causes neurological changes in the brain.
      It would not surprise me if it causes bipolar disorder because if you get know more and more people with bipolar you see that most of them were abused as children.

      There is a correlation between bipolar and early abuse. It seems like too many people to be just a coincidence. The brain becomes disregulated because we learn that our emotions have to be dependent on other people. We were not allowed to have our own emotions because it might be dangerous to us.
      We had to rely on others to tell what to feel..what was allowed…and when to feel afraid…when to shut up and hide our emotions….

      It is not normal for children to have to ask others what they are allowed to feel and what they are allowed to express about how they feel.

      Being around people who are emotionally disregulated, like abuser, causes us to become emotionally disregulated…even if we do not become abusive. Instead of becoming abusive to others, we still carry the abuse with us and they still have that power over us…because they caused us to live in fear.

      Wishing you peace and serenity,
      Much love,


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