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How to Spot a Liar

This is a really great lecture by David Snyder about how to tell if someone is lying. There is all kinds of information in this video that you will learn and most likely see for the first time. 

David Snyder is an excellent teacher. He has a background in NLP, psychology, hypnosis, energy healing, martial arts, acupuncture and other related subjects. He is fun to watch and listen to.

He mentions the tv series  Lie to Me, which I ended up watching because of him. This tv series is really excellent and I recommend you checking it out. 

I learned things from this video and others by David Snyder that I never knew including the “triune brain theory” This is about the three brains that we have and how they interact with each other. I will have an upcoming post about the three brain theory that I am currently working on.

Check out this lesson by David Snyder. I think you will really enjoy it and you will be able to see some things in a new way.

8 thoughts on “How to Spot a Liar”

  1. Thank you sooooooo much for this post!!! Love this David Snyder. This may really help me deal with my narc landlord & help me protect myself from others also.
    I have just begun to take an interest in learning about body language, but I can now see this topic will be my winter study.
    Again thank you so much for sharing this tool!

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    1. Check out the tv series called Lie to Me ..on netflix. It is really great. Paul Erikson was the consultant for the show. He was the person that discovered micro expressions and he is considered to be the world’s best human lie detector. The show is fiction but the way they interpret the facial expressions in the show is real./

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      1. I’ll have to see if the library has it, since it can’t afford cable or Netflix. Besides I have an old analog tv, so I’m not sure I could do Netflix even if I could.

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