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Trying to Work my Way to Better Financial Balance and Freedom

My life coaching business is beginning to pick up.  Today (thursday) will be the first day that I have 2 clients in the same day, so that is exciting. I have one google chat client and one Skype client.

I have updated the web site which you can see here gentlekindnesscoaching.com

First google chat is offered free. After that I have sessions starting at 15 dollars with no obligation.

With the tutoring job and the Life Coaching picking up I am hoping to get onto my feet soon. I also have 2 guitar students. If I can get 4 or 5 more guitar or piano students then that will be great because they are on a regular schedule. The Life coaching is usually 5 to 8 sessions per client, depending on what they can afford. Some people can only afford 1 or 2.

I need a combination of regular money with the  per diam money, in order to get my income more stable. Since I lost my job in May, I have not had any stable income at all until I got the mother’s helper job, which is about 15 hours per week. That is good but not enough to get me moved out on my own.

So keep me in your prayers and I will keep striving forward and creating the path under my feet as I walk. Life is not easy for single mothers but there must be a way to get free of living in this house where I feel outcast and downgraded.



4 thoughts on “Trying to Work my Way to Better Financial Balance and Freedom”

  1. Hi Annie! Where are you living now? I am really pulling for you. Having just become a single mom myself, the financial thing looms larger for me than any other worry. I am continually amazed though by how the Universe has helped me out…. jobs that have come out of nowhere just when my bank account starts to get low… and it’s building momentum (I’m self employed too). I had put everything for my business on the back burner for years while the kids were little and to please my narcissistic husband who preferred me to be dependent on him and to be home taking care of him and the kids like a good little wife. Now is your time. I truly believe it! I’m reading this really great book and you might be interested….It’s called, “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch”. It is not about how to get rich quick and it is not a how-to book for managing finances but it is about clearing your emotional and energetic blocks with money, so that it can flow to you more freely. (Very hippy type stuff I know but it is presented in a really fun relatable way). Just a thought. I’m pulling for yoU!

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    1. I will get the book you recommended. I think I have just enough left on an amazon gift card to order it. That is a funny name for a book but it sounds good.

      I was in an abusive situation that I had to escape and I ended up having to take the offer from my ex in-laws to rent their attic. It is partially their fault that I could not afford to stay where I was. As always they did things to undermine me financially.

      My ex husband and I used to live with them. They threw us out on a whim one day, My ex and I rented a house together because we could not afford rent alone.

      Then after a while he lost his job and I had to pick up extral hours, BUt I started to fall behind on everything. The other guy was living with me supposedly to help with the rent.

      Then my ex got a job and I was hoping he would pay me back all the back money I had paid for his part of the rent. Then his parents manipulated him to move back home with them. They were fully aware that I could not continue to afford paying both parts of the rent on my own but they did not care.

      They made him move back with them and left me and the kids (their grandchildren) to starve. So then they “suddenly” had the attic for rent. So basically they undermined me and then caused me to have to move back into their house.

      Now I live with their tyranny and it is really bad. They manipulate me by using the kids and my bunny because I do not want them hurt in any way. I had to leave my last job because I could not leave my youngest daughter there alone every night. They would yell at her and eventually they caused for her to have mental health problems.

      So when there were problems with my nurse aid license I just did not fix it because I had to stay home to protect my daughter from mental abuse. So now I am trying to have my own business of Life Coaching for people who are healing from narcissistic abuse.

      I appreciate your kindness and asking about my situation. I could go on and tell you lots of horror stories that I did not say here. They are really awful people that come off to others as benevolent good people. They are pastors of their church but they have let me starve in their house before when they had lots of food downstairs. But when someone comes to visit , like my father, they have us all for a feast.

      Thank you for caring,
      Much love,
      ANnie >3


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